Saturday, April 29, 2017

Family happenings (this and that)

This entry will probably be all over the place.  

I've intended for a long time to tell you about the wonderful idea our daughter had.  She and her husband live less than two miles away, but since they both work long hours all week, we hardly ever saw them long enough to have conversations.  Last November, I believe it was, Rachel emailed or messaged me and asked how we would feel about them coming over one evening a week, after work, just so we'd have some connection again.  The first time I think they brought pizza along; I suggested I just fix something each time, something simple:  hamburgers, a casserole, soup.  Supper isn't our main meal here, dinner (noon meal) is.  They protested at first, but I promised them I'd keep it easy.  Sometimes they even get leftovers.  

It's been wonderful!  We hear about things that happen on their jobs.  This subject is always of interest because Kevin, the son-in-law, works at the place from which Cliff retired... and our daughter works in customer service.  Trust me, customer service workers have the most interesting stories to tell!  So we have reconnected with our daughter and son-in-law in a most delightful way.  They stay an hour, sometimes longer, and then head home.  It's quality time.  

As for the rest of the family, granddaughter Amber makes a point of visiting us regularly, and Natalie and Monica drop by.  Arick and Heather, of course, are right here on the property, so we see them often but really don't spend a lot of time just chatting.  Cliff and Arick do spend time in the shop together.  You know which times are the most fun?  When all the grandchildren are here.  We have some of the biggest laughs when we all start having discussions about politics, our beliefs, and the facts of life.  

All children and grandchildren should now move along and stop reading.  Or read at your own risk.

You see, our daughter and our grandchildren (I'm not sure about our son's feelings on the matter I'm getting ready to mention, or Kevin's) each live in their own little bubbles.  There are two subjects they don't want to hear about from their parents/grandparents:  Sex and death.

Now when a couple has been married fifty years, they have the right to discuss anything under the sun.  You can talk about things you'd never say to anybody else.  Cliff and I find the most humor in the two topics the kids don't want to hear.  Making light of death has gotten us used to the fact that we are, indeed, going to die, and we know it could be any time.  We've laughed at death so much, it creeps into our conversations with the extended family, which brings on comments like "Stop it!", and much groaning and rolling of eyes.

The other day Cliff and I were in the car, heading to Higginsville, when I remembered an article I had seen on Facebook and decided to tell Cliff about it.  The headline read, "Overly obese body sets crematorium on fire".  By the way, this wasn't the first time such a thing has happened, but it's the first I'd read of such a thing.  If you want to read it for yourself, click HERE.

Apparently fat burns hotter than plain old muscle, there was something flammable sitting to close to the furnace, and the incident occured.  We discussed it awhile, and Cliff says, "Well, I wonder how you'd stop that from happening."

"I can't imagine," I answered.

"I guess you could do it a piece at a time," he said.  "You know, chunk in an arm and wait, then a leg..."

We both exploded with laughter, and when I could talk, I said, "You realize this is a story we can't talk about to the grandkids."

More laughter ensued.



Private jokes are often the best. I guess that goes for stories too. I'm glad you found a way to connect with your daughter.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Time spent with family is such a blessing !

krueth said...

The best times I have are when my kids and their families are all here. That happened this weekend again, I just love to have them all here together. So glad you're all spending even that hour together each week.
I also say things about dying to my kids and plan to buy a burial plot but they don't want to hear anything like that at all...:-) Have a great week, Wendy

Margaret said...

My girls don't want me to discuss my death because they've already lost their dad. Neither girl seems to mind if I want to talk about them about sex. :) We are very open around here!

Sister--Three said...

Cliff is a pretty smart guy.

Mary Degli Esposti said...

Rachel emailed or messaged me and asked how we would feel about them coming over one evening a week, after work, just so we'd have some connection again.

See, normally, I'd laugh like mad about stuff like that, but the above has me smiling too openly for that. What a wonderful idea. Quality time, hell, love time is what it reads.
Every day, normal life love time that so many miss out on.

Barbara In Caneyhead said...

Nice tradition you have started with your kids. As for the cremation story, horrid, but humorous.
The coffee is always on in Life & Faith in Caneyhead

Lori said...

Wonderful post!! I think that's such a great thing that your daughter and her husband are dropping by one night a week to keep connected. Calling, writing (in whatever form) -- it just isn't the same as sitting down together to chat and laugh.

Thomas and I have had some conversations with and in front of the kids that make them roll their eyes or leave the room too. And I think that no matter how many years you've been married, if you have grown kids, you're allowed to talk about whatever you want. :)