Friday, February 10, 2017

I was really enjoying the Keurig until...

Unfortunately, it stopped working after three months.  I called the number provided by them and was connected to a fellow who thought he could tell me how to fix it.  First of all, he asked what water we were using.  I told him our water goes through a water softener; I didn't bother to tell him that without the water softener, no coffee pot can take our super-calcium-laden water for more than a week.  Believe me, I learned this from experience.  I wish I recalled how many grains per whatever the content is, but just trust me: when the Culligan man tested it, he was shocked.  On the bright side, think of all the years I got my calcium supplemented by drinking water.

Turns out you are supposed to have a filter of some kind in place if you use a water softener, or else you can buy water.  Up until now, this whole Keurig experience has shown me two things:  1.  Fresh-made coffee every time is wonderful.  2.  Keurig requires very expensive coffee. 

The guy had me unplug the pot, plug it back in, dump out the water in the reservoir and refill it.  It still wouldn't work, so he said "Oh, did you use cold water?" and I said yes.  "I should have told you to use room-temperature or luke-warm water."  I filled it again per his instructions, knowing in my heart this was not going to make it work.  Oh, it came on and made some noise, but no water came out.  

Finally he gave up and said they'd send me a new pot.  I am to send them the K-cup holder part of my present one so they will know I'm not making up a story just to get a new coffee-maker.

I think we over-use the Keurig.  I doubt whether they were intended to put a gallon or so of coffee through that little pin-hole every day.  Fresh coffee is so good, we have actually been drinking even more than ever.  

It reminds me of the time Cliff and I bought a treadmill at Sears, so we could walk in wintertime.  Each of us used it for an hour a day.  Within a month, it needed fixing.  The guy who came to the house informed us these treadmills aren't designed for that much use; you have to go to a specialty place and buy a professional model.  

We returned it, because what good is a treadmill you can't use?  

I'm not buying a filter, and I won't be buying water.  I dragged the old Bunn out of the closet for the present.  When the replacement Keurig comes, we'll use it as we have been.  If it quits again in three months, we'll just have to get used to coffee as we've been drinking it for years.  Thats what I had this morning.  I can get used to it again.  

It's just one more price we pay for living in the country and using well water.    

I only hope our new bread-maker holds up longer than the Keurig!  


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I do buy distilled water for my Keurig. I have city water, but don't like the taste of it most of the time. I also have a water filter on my kitchen faucet and will use the filtered water if I don't have distilled. I'm spoiled I know. But I do love my good cup of coffee!


they have replaced ours 3 times. but we still love it.

Jean said...

My daughter and her husband bought us a Keurig for Christmas some years ago and it still working so for. Ha. I do use filtered water since we have a filter water machine. I did put it away for a while when the children comes I don't use it, but got it back out last week and it's still working just find. We don't drink much coffee mostly for breakfast that might be why it still works. Lol. Good luck with your new Keurig they just don't make things to last anymore.

Margaret said...

You probably don't want to know that my Krups espresso/regular coffee machine has lasted for over 20 years? ;)

Sister--Three said...

I am thinking...I don't need one of those coffee pots. You
had me at go and I was thinking of one, but now I am feeling
they are just another worry and that I don't need. I have a
washer that i have to push pause if I want to add an item. It
was not working and Larry said...are you pushing pause? My
mind does not work that mind says lift the lid and add
the wash clothe that I forgot. My friend Margie's pot tore up
just like yours. My friend Rhoda that cuts my hair same thing.
I will stick to the Bunn where I drink 4 cups of coffee while
Larry is still snoring. On my tombstone the girl's will write
"Here lies Momma died of caffiene overdose".

They should advertise--buy this pot and get a new worry free of
charge. The worry will arrive 3 months after the pot is on the

Mary Degli Esposti said...

I never drink more than 3 cups of coffee a day, & rarely that, but I use it for hot water for oatmeal as well, then the occ. tea. Mine is many years old & still running fine. Hope the replacement does the trick. Lots of businesses have the Keurig for their clients use. I'm sure they put a gallon & much more thru it a day.

Carlene Noggle said...

My daughter has a Keurig and has used it for a couple of years with no problem. She is on well water and just uses the water out of the faucet. Maybe you just had a lemon and this next one will do better!