Thursday, May 26, 2016

Pictures won't do it

When I mentioned that we were going to be going to the Grand Canyon, several people said to me, "Take lots of pictures."

I take pictures almost everywhere I go, but I really didn't plan to take many pictures of the Grand Canyon.  Several trips to the beautiful-beyond-words Colorado Rockies have taught me that pictures of big, majestic works of nature are wasted.  If most of the special magic of a natural wonder is in its size, you may as well forget pictures.  As I stood beside the Grand Canyon, I was almost breathless as I tried to take in the vastness of the place.  I could look and look, and wherever my eyes rested, there was more of it beyond.  So, so big.  I can't say the colors of the place are lovely, really.  It's just huge!

Our first evening there, the growing shadows as the sun was going down created interesting changes, but no beautiful colors.  

Monday morning I awoke at 4 A.M., made a cup of coffee in the Keurig in our room, and went out to wait for the sunrise, because wouldn't the Canyon be lovely at sunrise?  I had intended to take the shuttle to a farther-distant spot on the rim, but I got lost stumbling around in the dark and decided to just remain in the village.  I found a nice place right behind El Tovar with a bench for sitting.  Gradually, the day began to dawn.  Other folks were out seeking a view, the same as me.

Well, I learned that if I want to see a pretty sunrise, I should stay home.  The sun gradually rose in the cloudless sky, but did absolutely nothing for the canyon or the sky except to illuminate things so you could see what was going on.  

another early-morning watcher with the moon overhead
Oh, two hours later the sun hit the red sides of the Canyon in such a way that they were fairly remarkable, but no picture of mine really shows a great beauty as far as color goes.  

If you want to see great pictures of the Grand Canyon, click HERE.  There are some perfect shots, but none of them passes along the sensation of how large the Canyon feels, and how small you feel when you are standing on the rim.  For that, you have to actually be there.


DesLily said...

I agree with you but I took tons of photo's anyway lol... they are only pictures of what my eyes saw and not what others they are still memories. I love the shots of you and you and cliff with the canyon background!!

Jon said...

You've brought up some good points. I've been to the Grand Canyon two times (looong ago) and there are absolutely no photos that can do it justice. I would go so far as to say that photos do it an injustice, or disservice. Something that vast and spectacular can never be accurately captured on film.

Also, I agree about the lack of color. I remember the vastness, not the color. Perhaps the vastness simply overpowers the color.
Anyway, I'm glad you got to experience it.....and I hope you get your luggage.

Margaret said...

I've never been to the Grand Canyon, but I have flown over it and it is incredible from the air.

Sheila Y said...

That is so true. When we moved from Texas to Washington state we saw Snake River Canyon and photos can never capture what you see with your eyes. Have a great day and weekend. Sheila

Barbara In Caneyhead said...

I have found pictures seldom do nature justice. For about twenty years I was a big picture taker. Then I realized I missed some of the best moments trying to look through the lens. So for the past twenty, I seldom take a picture of anything. I just try to look, watch and soak it in.

Your last picture is very nice for an amateur! The tree in the foreground and the dark hills in the background, make the red of cliffs you took look very nice!

Barbara, blogging at Life & Faith in Caneyhead

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

The beauty of nature is outstanding. So glad you got to go there and experience it.


It must be breathtaking up close and personal. I imagine you are right about the notion, "how small you feel when you are standing on the rim."