Thursday, May 26, 2016

He just can't help himself

Cliff has worked at several jobs in his life, and learned from all of them.  Because he worked at a metal plating place in his early 20's, he still notices a well-anodized piece of aluminum.  I'll be walking along, heading in to a restaurant or museum or motel, and I realize Cliff isn't right behind me.  I look back and there he is, examining the metal frame of a doorway or window, checking to see if it was anodized properly.  

Structures of any kind draw him like a magnet.  We were in the Flint Hills of Kansas at the  Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve when, once again, he lagged behind.  I turned to see him examining the boards on a wall.
Cliff also worked in concrete construction for a few years, and he often stops to check out sidewalks and retaining walls, pronouncing them "great work" or "sloppy job".  

I'm not sure what he was examining here on a visit to the ASB Bridge with David Remley.  I hope David doesn't mind me stealing this picture from his blog.
So it was no surprise that, when we were at a scenic overlook at the Grand Canyon, I saw him examining the magnificent welding someone had done on a guard rail:
 Everybody else was in standing in awe of the Grand Canyon while Cliff was inspecting the quality of a perfect welding job.  

That's my husband.


Back Porch Writer said...

lol love it!


My hubby used to design welders once upon a time. I can relate to this story completely.