Friday, May 06, 2016

Hot dog!

My husband is an easy man to cook for.  There are very few foods he dislikes.  If I'm trying to keep our calories under control (that's most of the time, and should be ALL the time, as much trouble as we both have controlling what we eat) he will eat almost any healthy food I put in front of him.  You can pretty much count on one hand the things he doesn't care to eat:  turnips, yogurt, , whole-wheat bread, oysters and other shell-fish.  That's about it.

However, he has never been a fan of hot dogs.  He doesn't hate them, it's just that he'd rather have other things.  I, on the other hand, love them.  On the rare occasion when Cliff goes somewhere without me for the whole day, I have hot dogs available in the freezer.  There's also a can of oysters in the cupboard, because I love oyster soup.  You can imagine the difficulty I have making a decision, with such lovely choices as those.  

As a side note, here's something I must share related to this tale:  When we first married, Cliff didn't like spicy-hot foods.  "Why would you eat something that hurts your mouth?" he'd say.  Taking it easy with hot stuff wasn't a problem for me, since I wasn't big on peppers and such either, although I didn't feel as strongly about the subject as he did.  Over the years, though, we've both developed a fondness for pepper-hot foods, so that today it's difficult to get anything too hot to suit us, Cliff especially.  Google tells me that the number of taste buds decrease as we age, so perhaps that's the explanation for this phenomenon.  (You should have seen me trying to spell that word.  Had to misspell it three times before spell-check even gave me an option.)

Oscar Meyer has finally come up with a hot dog that my husband will eat, and I believe he would eat them three times weekly if I'd serve them.
Our nearest stores, including the little Walmart in Oak Grove, don't carry this particular delicacy.  Smaller stores couldn't possibly make room for other brands of hot dogs if they tried to stock every kind made by Oscar Meyer (click HERE if you don't believe it).  So far, Blue Springs, twenty miles from here, is the nearest place I've found them.

I don't buy buns.  I boil the hot dogs for ten minutes (because I hate a half-cold hot dog), wrap them in a piece of American cheese, then a slice of Wonder bread, wrap each one in a paper towel to make sure the cheese melts, and I have a masterpiece!  This, by the way, is how I've eaten all hot dogs for years, but Cliff didn't often participate in this particular manna-from-heaven meal with me until I introduced him to the jalepeno dog.

As I said, I could probably get by with serving these for supper three times weekly.  We only have one apiece, so the calories fit right in with our weight-watching (bread 80 calories, hot dog 130, cheese 100), but the nutrition isn't much to brag about.  OK, it's junk food, that's the bitter truth.  White bread, American cheese, ground-up animal by-products.  Could it get any worse?  Probably not.  

Anyway, we're out of these hot dogs right now.  Price Chopper has Oscar Meyer hot dogs on sale.  Looks like a trip to Blue Springs is in order. 


Back Porch Writer said...

Love it. We've not had hot dogs in a while. I'll see if I can find some here. Like the cheese, and slice of bread idea instead of bun. Seems to be less bread that way too.
Had to laugh at your spelling of the word several times. I have a hard time spelling even the basic words now at times. I am stubborn and keep trying to spell it on my own instead of looking it up and the darn squiggle lines underneath continue to tell me it's wrong. lol Ya'll have a good day and hope you get your Blue Springs hot dog trip in.

Barbara In Caneyhead said...

I feel your pain on the spell check! I sometimes bungle a word so badly it takes several tries to get the right choice up. I also agree that a hot dog is a tasty treat! I prefer mine placed under the broiler for a a little while, until a few dark spots begin to form. Or roasted on the grill. Yum! No cheese, just a little thin line of ketchup down the center of a piece of light bread, through that wiener in, fold and eat.

Jon said...

I have hot dogs about once a week, simply because they're cheap. Lots of onions and mustard. I also like Italian sausage with onions and green peppers.

I generally love spicy food but I never liked jalapenos. I eat them very rarely.

I also love yogurt and oysters (not together, of course)...and I hate whole-wheat bread.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you found a variety that he likes. I love hot dogs especially when they've been grilled outside. But I'll take the boiled too. My favorite is chili dogs with onions!

Margaret said...

I love good hot dogs. One of my family's favorite sandwiches is a hot dog Reuben, although with mustard instead of the usual reuben thousand island.

krueth said...

Oh, I love a good ole hotdog! But, I am not a fan of jalapeno's so I will stick with the plain ones! I love them with ketchup, mustard and onions on them. Mmm! I will NOT be eating any oysters though. ha ha! My dad loved oyster stew...soup? All it was if I remember right was milk, butter and a can of stinky, slimy, nasty oysters...Shudder! I hope you find a good day to get to the store for your hotdogs now :-) Hope you had a great Mother's Day! I went with my 2 girls to Grand Forks and watched Carrie Underwood in concert last night. What a concert she puts on! Wendy


Hotdogs are fun food. And every now and then you just have to have one, I agree. Never saw these HOT Jalepeno dogs. I think you need to take a little trip and replenish your stock so you and Cliff have something SPICY to bite into. ENJOY.