Monday, May 09, 2016

No cows here. What's next?

Hope and Luna are gone to Nebraska.  I placed an ad on Craigslist Friday, put a very reasonable price on the two of them together, got a call a couple of hours later, and the next day they were gone.  The guy who bought them plans to use them as nurse cows for other calves.  This is the first time I've been totally cow-less since 2009 when we bought Bonnie.  I'm not too downhearted about this; I should have done it three years ago when we started losing every other calf that was born here.  

I am surprised, though, at how suddenly my thoughts have turned to acquiring a dog.  I have been saying ever since Iris found a new home that I don't need or even want a dog.  Suddenly I'm studying dog breeds online!  

This isn't something I'm going to act on immediately; the thought is going to have to simmer a long time on the back burner of my brain.  We are going on a few road trips this year, and a puppy would cause problems with that.  Cora fills a huge spot in my heart that keeps me from needing a house pet right now:  She's loving, she doesn't shed, and she's house-broken.  Who needs a puppy?  

When (and if) the time comes, I want a non-shedding breed, and I want to start with a puppy:  I've had enough problems with rescue dogs and the baggage they come with.  From my research, it appears I had better start saving my money now, because none of the breeds I've looked at are cheap.  

Schnauzers appeal to me, both the miniature and standard types.  A Scottie would probably do.  I once met a Maltese Terrier I really liked.  

All those breeds have to be taken to a groomer regularly, which is an added expense and something to consider.  But when you think of the cost of heart-worm prevention and flea-and-tick prevention, the cost of grooming is only a drop in the bucket.  It's very expensive to keep a dog if you do things the way they are supposed to be done.  We are retired and living on a fixed income, so I'll give this a lot of thought before I actually get a dog.

This may just be one of those ideas of mine that passes without any resolution; I know I won't be doing anything about it soon.  

Time will tell.



I can not imagine how you feel without your cows. They have been so much a part of who you are. Dogs are sweet it's true. But in the long run alot of work. You have to commit to it. They definitely throw a wrench in things if you travel. That is why I have cats.

Margaret said...

I think you'll always need an animal(or animals) around. Patt's mom was very like you--she had a small farm and enjoyed, actually thrived on, the tasks and routine that related to their care.

krueth said...

I have loved reading all your cow tales over the years :-) But, I sure don't blame you for getting rid of them either. I have a dog and say when he dies I will not get another one since I dont' know how long I will be out in the country before I sell my place and move to town. It sounds better all the time..ha! But then I think, maybe a little dog to keep me company? I don't know what I will do when the time comes! My brother and his wife have Schnausers and love them, with the no shedding etc. Wendy