Friday, April 10, 2015

Behind the scenes

I recently told a Facebook friend that Cliff is "clueless" about raising the cattle.  That wasn't really all THAT true; he knows lots of things about cows.  It's the bobby-calf-raising that he has always left to me, as far as making the decisions of when to wean them, when they might need some extra-strong pills for illness, and so forth.  However, when it's time to rubber-band-castrate a bull calf or put dehorning paste on a lively heifer, guess who does the dirty work?  Yep, good old Cliff.

He is also a master at adding a temporary make-shift pen wherever I need one, too, using rusty old cattle panels we've had around for at least thirty years, bent and hard to handle as they are.  We've had pens in various spots around both the front yard and the back one.  Today, once again, Cliff came through.

Since Henry has that nasty underbite that tears up my cow's udder, he is going to be early-weaned in a couple of weeks, which means he needs to be out of the pen the other two will be living (and nursing the cow) in.  

Maybe I don't always give Cliff enough credit.  


Margaret said...

He doesn't sound like he takes credit, which shows what a great guy he is. (some husbands would throw around all their good deeds!) Patt was like that too; I never appreciated all the stuff he did because he didn't make a big deal out of it. It looks pretty there--very green grass!


He's not in it for the credit. He loves you. That's why he always comes through for you.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

He is a good man ! I said it earlier and will say it again. You are blessed.