Friday, April 10, 2015

I guess these days I am nothing more than a cow blogger

I have things up in the garden, but I am not saying a lot about it because I'm not sure I'll follow through this year.  I let the weeds take over last summer, so of course baby weeds are already trying to take over.  I don't know how long I will keep up the gardening.  Things can change at the drop of a hat around here.  The only thing that remains constant besides the cows is Cliff, and I don't think he wants me going into a lot of detail about his private life.  Besides, my readers would get tired of seeing the details of his restoration of the Allis Chalmers D-17 Series IV.

So.  Remember Penny, the cow I overpriced for Craigslist because I really didn't want to sell her?
I didn't sell her.  And today I took the ad off Craigslist, because I STILL don't want to sell her.  Look at that udder!  And she still has almost a month until she calves.  I had two calls about her... one from a trader in Iowa, and one from someone across the river near Polo or Norborne.  

She is officially due on May 2, if I wrote it down correctly.  She's a little on the pudgy side, but she'll probably milk off all the fat once she calves.    

There's no extra fat on Grace.  She puts all her energy into making milk.  If I'm able to get two calves on her after Penny calves, I may use some pour-on Ivomec to worm her, just in case she needs it.  I don't want to use wormer on her while we are using the milk.   She has turned out to be such a great milk cow; during the winter her milk developed an unpleasant taste after a couple of days in the refrigerator, but that is all in the past now, and her milk tastes wonderful for days.  Now that there is green grass for her to eat, her cream even has a golden color, whereas it was as white as her milk all winter.  She should be due near the end of October.  

That's all for now.


Penny said...

I don't want you to sell Penny, either. She's my namesake! Blessings, Penny


Penny is a sweetheart. Glad you decided to keep her.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Having some constants in your life is a good thing. I think we all need something to keep us rooted. That rich cream sounds wonderful. You are blessed.

Cindi said...

I watched Aloha Vet, on this show they shared a story about a miniature bull. A black Angus full grown, but looked a a month old calf. Have you ever since a small cow/bull like that before???