Tuesday, December 30, 2014


I am so addicted to over-sharing that I started to take a picture of the three new sweatshirts I got for Cliff so I could share it on Facebook.  

And then I remembered I'm not sharing anything but blog posts... and one daily picture of Cora (when she's here).  

So I didn't take the picture.  But I can tell you about the sweatshirts on my blog, right?  

First, the reason I bought the sweatshirts:  If you go searching through pictures of Cliff I've shared, you will notice that in wintertime, he is always wearing the same red shirt that says "Target".  We bought a couple of them several years ago for $2 each.  He wore one of them until it was completely worn out, and he's in the process of wearing out the other one.  Last week, I asked myself, "Why doesn't this man have other sweatshirts?  We aren't THAT poor." 

So I found three shirts at, of all places, Target.  
One says Superman.  

One has the image of Batman.  

And one says "Flash".

And I couldn't even share pictures of them on Facebook... unless I put them in a blog entry, in which case it didn't count as a share (my game, my rules).  

The other thing I wanted to share this evening happened when we were watching "The Godfather" (the first one).  You know how I do it, right?
::watching "The Godfather"::  

But I made a vow and had to keep it.  Later on, I wondered why on earth I would assume that anybody cares what movie I'm watching.  Because, honestly?  I probably don't care what you are watching.  

I told you this experiment would be good for me.


Margaret said...

It's not necessarily that people care, it's just interesting and starts conversations. Like, OH, I've seen that movie. (gruesome in spots) Have you read the book? Etc. It gives us discussion and points of commonality.

Joe Calton said...

I need all three of those sweatshirts! XXL.

Joe Calton said...
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Joe Calton said...
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Love the sweatshirts. My favorite is FLASH. Never have seen that movie. Too much blood and gore for my faint heart.