Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The calves, again

The calves seem to have figured out a way to avoid having to fight one another for a teat.  At least 75% of the time, there will be a Holstein on the right, a Holstein on the left, and Gypsy nursing from the back.  Once in a while there will be two Holsteins on one side, and they manage to work things out; but the older they all get, the more they seem to like this arrangement.

Gypsy ALWAYS chooses to nurse from the back.  One of these days the cow will poop on her, but she won't mind, as long as she gets her milk.

This morning, Moose chose to feast on Grace's right side...

and Whitey, who will eventually fill the grandson's freezer, chose the left. 

Here they are 17 days ago

And here they are as infants.  

I can almost see them growing daily!  It's remarkable to me that Gypsy is as big as she is, since her daddy is a Red Angus and her mom is at least half Jersey.  She is somewhat smaller than the big, raw-boned Holsteins, but she's keeping up and growing just as fast as they are.

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If I were her I would not like getting pooped on. Maybe her luck will hold out. They are sure growing up fast.