Friday, November 07, 2014

I knew it!

Cliff and I have recently discovered another venue for our old favorite has-been country singers:  The Truman Lake Opry.  It's almost a two-hour drive, but it's a lot closer than Branson, which is where we usually go to see our country singers.  We're trying to see all our old stars before they die... or before we die.  Our generation is dying like flies.  

A couple of weeks ago, our first time to visit the Opry, we went to see Gene Watson.  We just saw him in Chillicothe last winter, but he's good enough to see a second time.  

Last night I called and reserved front-row seats to see Moe Bandy in May.  It's been several years since we last saw him in Branson, so I figured we ought to catch his show.  I don't often reserve anything that far in advance, but I like front-row seats, and reserving early is how you get them.  

We've known for months that Connie Smith was going to have a show at Truman Lake Opry.  Cliff loves Connie Smith; When he watches the Marty Stuart Show on RFDTV, he usually fast-forwards through everything but Connie's songs, which turns a thirty-minute show into five minutes.  I like her OK, but I really didn't care whether we went to see her or not.  However, knowing how muc Cliff likes her, I kept asking him, "Are you SURE you don't want to go see your girl friend?"

"No, I'm not worried about it."  

So I shrugged it off.  Last night, exactly eight days before her appearance at Truman, he said, "Next Saturday Connie Smith is going to be down at that place on the lake."  

I had a feeling he was having second thoughts about going, so I checked the seating chart on the website.  There were some decent seats to be had. 

"So, have you decided here at the last minute you want to go?"

"Well, I wouldn't mind."  

So I guess we're going.  It's very seldom that Cliff will even grudgingly admit there is a country singer he would pay to see, especially if he has to drive two hours to see her.    

When I went to her website to get the link for this entry, I noticed she had a November 8 show cancelled due to illness.  Here's hoping she recovers from whatever is wrong with her.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You are right, so many stars are dying. Not just country singers, but actors too. It must be a sign of my age, but it is sad to see them go. Glad you found a place to see both your favorites and close by too.


Glad Cliff is getting to see one of his favorites. Sounds like you'll have a fun time. ENJOY!