Thursday, November 13, 2014

I guess we've figured out the calf's escape route.

In my previous post, I was trying to figure out how a calf escaped from confinement.  By the process of elimination, we have decided she jumped out.  Remember the cow that jumped over the moon?  Perhaps she got her reputation doing something like Gypsy did.

There are no spots in either of the two pens occupied by the calves where Gypsy could have squeezed through, or under, the fence.  The permanent pen behind the barn is very tall woven wire fencing rather than barbed wire, which would be easy for a calf to crawl through.  The other is woven wire on three sides and cattle and hog panels on the other, and therein, we are sure, lies the problem. 

 You can see where Cliff ran out of cattle panels (the tall panel you see in the foreground) and started using hog panels.  This wouldn't be the first time we've seen a frolicking calf jump over a hog panel, although it doesn't usually happen.  Gypsy is especially agile, and when she is bucking and running and playing, which happens several times daily, it could easily happen.  I'm thinking maybe we should stretch some woven-wire fence along there to add height.  This is only a temporary pen, so it doesn't have to be fancy.  

Weather here in Missouri has taken a turn toward "frigid", so as you can see, we have had to put a stock tank heater in the tub the calves drink from.  You would be surprised how much water three calves under the age of one month can drink, even in winter.



Sounds like a good explanation of the escape artist route out. Never would have thought of her jumping, but it makes sense looking at the picture.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That the cow jumped over the fence is amazing. Glad your Cliff can get it fixed up for you. It's frigid here too and we have the first snow of the year covering the ground. Not a lot but it is all white out here this morning. BrrrChill!