Saturday, May 07, 2011

A question from a reader

Here's Nita's question: "I know you probably have explained this before but was wondering exactly how your reader works. I remember you saying you had bought some time for it and used it when your home pc was down. How does that work? Buying time? Using while on the bike trips etc?"
Nita, I have a Nook reader, which does nothing but allow me to read books I either buy or check out from the library.  That's all it is:  a reader.  
What you're talking about is my Apple Ipad.  Now, there's a Nook app for it, so I really would not have needed to buy my Nook; but to tell you the truth, I like reading books on the actual Nook much better than using the app on the Ipad.  I enjoy sitting outside to read when the weather is good; I also like to read stories to Cliff as we travel in the car.  The backlit screen of the Ipad (just like a computer) doesn't work very well with outdoor lighting.  

The Ipad is a computer, although its functions are limited; it's a bigger version of the Iphone, without the phone, if you've ever seen one of those.  It's probably the most expensive toy I've ever bought; but hey, I never ask for fancy clothes or shoes or jewelry.  Just an occasional cow or calf or computer.  
If we're on the road, I can subscribe to either unlimited Internet use for a month, or for a cheaper price, I can buy a limited amount of Internet time.  I can do this directly from my Ipad.  (Click HERE for a better description of what I'm talking about.)  If we happened to be traveling and stopped at a motel with free wi-fi, there would be no need to pay for time, because I'd use wi-fi for my Ipad, just as I do here at home.   
Just to satisfy my curiosity, I did buy the cheaper plan for $14.95 for one month; I wanted to make sure there was no way I'd be stuck with a monthly payment, and I wanted to see if the limited plan would be sufficient for me.  I had fun taking my Ipad along in the car and surfing as we traveled.  One warning:  You have to tell them you're done before your thirty days are up, or they'll automatically give you another months worth of Internet and charge your credit card.  I made a note on my calendar and unsubscribed with only twelve hours left.  I unsubscribed directly from the Ipad.  
The new Ipad 2 is 4G, but mine is 3G.  It's slow... almost as slow as our old dial-up connections.  But it does get you on the Internet very nicely.  
I hope this answers your questions.  


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Your ipad sound wonderful. The slower internet connection is like my verison wireless. It's 3g too. They say 4g is coming out in my area soon. Some already have it. But, yes, my connection is slow. Still no matter where I go it works on my laptop and I too can have it on the road or where ever I am. We are spoiled.

Margaret said...

I still kind of want an iPad, but not if it's slow. That would be hard to deal with when I'm used to speedy cable internet at home and fast network speed at school.

Nita said...

Thanks so much for the answers! I think I'd like to have an ipad but wasn't sure how they worked or which one I wanted. Now I know the difference in the readers and the ipads! Thanks again.
Our connection to the internet is through our wireless phone service (Verizon)with a little "thing" attached to the back of the tower. It's supposed to be 3G, I think, but it's quite a bit faster than our old dial up.

I'm like you. I don't spend my money on vacations, clothes or shoes. It goes to the internet, books and 9 horses. As if I had "expendable income" haha

Happy Mother's Day to everyone!