Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I still have it!

I spoke rashly the other day when I made the statement, "Of all the things I've lost, I miss my enthusiasm the most."  
How easily some things are overlooked!  

2nd iris of the year, a red one.
Every morning when I go out at the crack of dawn to check on the blooming and growing things, I find my enthusiasm.  How exciting it is to see a huge bloom on an iris that has never bloomed here before!  Or to walk beside the garden and realize the potatoes need to be hilled and know we'll be having peas and new potatoes in no time.  
The hummingbirds are back full force now, fighting amongst one another like so many wayward siblings.  I can't look at them without smiling.  
A loudmouth male oriole has been hitting the hummingbird buffet several times a day, and yesterday I noticed he had a girl friend who was enjoying the grape jelly I put out for them.  One thing about that male oriole:  He can't seem to keep his mouth shut when he's enjoying his grub, and I can hear him squawking no matter what room I'm in, with the windows open.  Folks, this is exciting stuff!  The trouble is, orioles are very skittish, so I can't make any sudden moves or noise inside the house or they fly away.  You should see me, turning off lights and sneaking like an idiot to the window to watch them.  
And then there's Jody, my calf.  She's eating grain and chewing her cud and grazing, apparently past the danger of scours now.  I won't worry about her while I'm in the hospital next week; I think she's outgrown the need for an hourly poop inspector.  All I have to do is have someone feed her while I'm gone.  
Yesterday I noticed that the same people from whom I purchased Jody have eight more heifers for sale; their Craigslist ad gave me information about my calf that I didn't have before:  
Jersey/holstein cross heifer bottle calves. Last 8 heifer calves of the season available Monday afternoon. Straight from a grass based dairy where the cows are producing 10,000 lbs milk with 5% fat test on just 1 lb of grain per day. If you are looking for a nice heifer to raise as a family cow, now is the time to buy!
*Most of the bull calves are spoken for, but if you want one to raise along with a heifer we can sell you one for $120.
Heifers are $275 and bulls are $120 each. Cash only, Please. 
Now I know more about Jody's past, and my enthusiasm once again rises to the surface.  
I read the ad to Cliff, and he sounded enthusiastic too.  "But I hate to get another one without you being here to take care of it and watch it next week," he said.  
I told him I don't want another calf right now.  For one thing, we'd have to make another pen; if you put two bottle calves in a pen together they suck on any bodily part of one another they can get to, usually the naval area or the little immature udders (which can ruin a milk cow's udder in the future).  But here's the thing:  one calf is a pet.  I can spoil her and halter-train her and thoroughly enjoy her.  More than one calf starts turning into a job.  
Jody is already part of the herd; ever since I got her, Bonnie and Clyde make it their business to come right up close to her pen to lay down and chew their cuds; cows are not loners, and they have already accepted Jody as one of them.  
So yes, I do have enthusiasm.  I just take it for granted and forget I have it sometimes.  I may be soured on the human race, but God's handiwork never leaves me bored.


Anonymous said...

I sometimes forget that humans are God's handiwork too. They seem SO messed with at times!

Lori said...

Enthusiasm is one thing I would never say that you lack! It comes through your blog with everything you write!

Nancy said...

I've never seen a red iris before. Beautiful!

darev2005 said...

Glad to hear you perking up. You've always been a ray of sunshine in this somewhat dreary world.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You hit the nail on the head with that one! God's handiwork is absolutely the best! Your iris is beautiful. I've never seen one that color before! Ours are just now forming buds...soon they'll be blooming too!

madcobug said...

That Iris is beautiful! You can see God's work every which way you turn.

Michaele said...

I can't get enthusiastic about much at the crack of dawn. I need a couple more hours. But I can just see you out and about and I admire your sense of wonder.


Your enthusiasm is contagious. Now I've got it. I sat outside and ate my lunch on front patio taking in nature. It was wonderful. Didn't see any orioles, though.

Margaret said...

Sometimes it's the small things that bring back our excitement--a beautiful flower, some SUN(today here!) or a kind word. You always sound energetic on your blog!