Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Getting back to normal

I was dreading my first PT workout this morning, so imagine my surprise when it wasn't nearly as painful as it was yesterday!  Oh, it still isn't easy, but if the pain is this much less each day, I won't be dreading it so much.  The therapist will be here today to make sure I'm doing the right things in the right way.  
The orthopedist gave me a prescription for hydrocodone when I left the hospital, fifty pills in the bottle, to be refilled once.  Since the therapist ordered me to take the maximum dose (two tablets every four hours), those things are going fast.  My first bottle will be gone this morning, and the second will last five days at most.  Gary wanted me to be sure I have more available so I don't run out while I'm doing therapy; I hope there's no problem with getting more refills!  
I'm back to washing the dishes around here, and cooking regular meals.  I'm also going out and bottle-feeding Jody twice a day.  The walker doesn't roll in the grass, so I have to "step" it along in front of me.  It's slow going, but I get where I'm going. I'm able to refill most of my hummingbird feeders now, and put out jelly for the orioles.  
I'm beginning to get a little peeved at a couple of greedy woodpeckers.  No matter what kind of food I put out, whether it's nectar or seeds or jelly, they are helping themselves.  They'll actually sit there and eat all the jelly at one sitting.  The bigger woodpecker even goes out of his way to chase my beautiful orioles away!  It may be time to buy a BB gun.  Not that I could hit the broad side of a barn, but maybe Cliff could.  
Sparrows finally gave up building nests in the bluebird house after me destroying several of their eggs and nests, and bluebirds are happily raising families in there now.  


Anonymous said...

I do believe you should have milked the dishwashing a bit ;-0.
As for the walker on grass, slow going maybe, but you don't let any of this break your spirit.

Anita said...

I hear the "normal" sound in your voice; and that's a good thing!

Glad you're progressing and back to being a part of nature and your animals - even if the pesky woodpecker is being a pain...

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad to hear you can once more do the things you love. That makes a lot of difference in how you feel too! Just don't overdo things.

small farm girl said...

I'm glad to see you are doing better. You will be up and running all over the place in no time.