Tuesday, April 03, 2007

OK, as I was saying... I did find morels!

We received an inch and 1/4 of rain this morning, so I knew it would be wet in the woods. My feet are in terrible shape, and I can't wear boots very long at a time because I have to have my inserts to remain pain-free. So I got my rattiest pair of sneakers and put plastic bags inside them. It worked pretty well.

There's no lack of fungus in the woods, but I only eat morels. It's too easy to get poisoned by mushrooms if you don't know what you're doing. I don't know what sort of mushroom or toadstool that is growing on the dead wood. See all the Mayflowers growing? That's always a good sign it's time for morels.

This little guy is about the size of the tip of my little finger. I sat and talked to him for awhile... which is how my butt got wet. I did find several morels, but they were all too tiny to pick. I love the macro setting on my Canon.

I did pick the biggest one I found, just to be able to say I had one. I put a penny beside it for comparison.


Munchkin, Missy and Monte said...

Did it taste good?

Midlife Mom said...

What do these morels taste like? I am so jealous of your Mayflowers I am turning green! I have been looking for some for 10 years and haven't been able to find any around here. They smell soooooooooo good, I just love them. I see leaves that look like Mayflowers but they are not the real thing. I will keep looking.

BarnGoddess said...

yummmm. Morels are delicious! a delicacy. I hope you find a lot this spring and the little baby ones grow into perfect sized morels.

I love the shoes! whatever works :) wet feet arent any fun. I have a high arch and my feet are picky too.

Antique Mommy said...

My parents live in central Ilinois and hunt morel mushrooms every spring. Some years they get a lot and others not so much, depending upon the rain. They fry them up and they are delicious.

Toni (In the midst...) said...

ROFLOL! Donna, you just managed to pull the biggest wool over my eyes EVER. I saw that picture of you with the baggies in your shoes and thought, 'Isn't Donna just a wee bit old to be wearing lacey little socks like a preschooler?' Uh, apparently *I* am getting just a wee bit old and my eyes are proof in fact. ROFLOL!!!
Honestly, I thought you had a cute pair of socks on. I just couldn't figure out why.
~toni (who needs to go now to reconsider the outcome of her previous Lasik surgery).

Lindie said...

I used to hunt morels with my husband until we stopped eating them after he developed heart problems and we changed our diet. No more fried morels!! I used to have wonderful woods south of Bates city. (Now I know why I can't read your other journal!)