Monday, January 16, 2017

What a long weekend!

Roads were icy, church was cancelled.  I can't seem to settle down to reading a book lately, but I watched more TV in the last two days than I usually watch in two weeks' time.  We have Netflix, thanks to the grandson's generosity in letting us use his account, and Amazon Prime video because it comes with our Amazon account.  So there are plenty of options.

If I were the only one here (thank God I'm not), I would get rid of Direct TV, but Cliff loves football and hates watching commercials, and I'm not going to take away his main pastime as long as we can afford it.  Saturday as we sat listening to sleet pecking against the windows, I mentioned "Smoky and the Bandit"; we agreed we'd both like to watch it again.  Netflix didn't have the movie, but on Amazon we could rent it for 24 hours for $3.99.  Cliff said, "That's nothing.  Go ahead, let's watch it." 

It was worth it.  I watched Pulp Fiction at some point while Cliff was watching football.  Netflix has a remake of "One Day at a Time", a show I enjoyed in the '70's; I've fallen in love with the new version.  It's much better than the old one!  I mentioned this on Facebook and a friend suggested I watch "Alive Inside", a Netflix documentary. which I confess was the best thing I watched all weekend.  People living in rest homes who hadn't responded positively to anything in years came alive when they heard familiar music from their past.  Very touching.  I told my Facebook friend that I'll now stop worrying about dementia and start making a list of songs I think will bring me to life:  the old hymns people hardly sing any more, plenty of folk songs, and some classic country.  Seriously, if you get a chance, watch the movie.  We loved it.  Netflix has many fantastic documentaries.  I enjoy some of the stand-up comics, too.  I've loved good stand-up comedy ever since "The Danny Thomas Show"in the 50's.  I'd watch the show each week in hopes they'd show Danny doing his routine in a night club, even though there was never more than two or three minutes's of it.    

It's raining this morning, which means we probably won't have Cora for at least a couple of days.  Rain puts her daddy out of work.  I recall when Cliff worked construction jobs how I hated never knowing how much money was coming in.  

I try not to even think about the political climate right now because there are things I can't control that make me very uneasy.  Let's just say I'm scared, and let it go at that.  Blah.

The fox I hadn't seen since before the last snow appeared in our back yard yesterday.  I was relieved to see him, but a little nervous that he was so close, knowing how foxes like chicken dinners.  A friend told me it's their mating season, so perhaps he was looking for a girl friend instead of lunch.  

That's all I have today.  God bless us every one.  

Here's a song I can't get enough of lately.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I did some binge watching on Netflix yesterday. I didn't want to do much but rest and it's a good way to spend an afternoon. I've watch old series that I never had a chance to watch when I was working. Glad to see you all made it safely through the ice storm.

Margaret said...

Our cold weather is leaving us for a while too and we're getting rain. I never thought I would be happy about that, but it's better than ICE. I'm scared too. :(


Binge watching TV is always fun. Sounds like you had a GREAT time and were totally oblivious to the ice outside because you did not lose your power.

Nancy said...

I've been reading your blog for a long time and I wanted to email you this cute video link, but I don't know how to find an email address on here! So anyway, I thought you'd get a kick out of this little girl gathering eggs . . not a bit afraid of the hen!

Mary Degli Esposti said...

I just saw a picture of Rita Moreno who is costarring on the new One Day at a Time(per the article with the pic). She is 85 & looks 60 in the picture.
I know you'll miss Cora, & though she surely loves her dad, I'm sure she misses the 2 of your as well.