Tuesday, January 12, 2016

This kid

Cora always takes a nice nap after dinner.  It is seldom more than fifteen minutes before she's zonked out, usually less.  Today was a different story.

She has a head cold, which hasn't made her a bit sick, but keeps her running for the tissues.  She can blow her own nose now at age 2 1/2, although the snot doesn't always end up on the Kleenex.  I gave her a dose of the decongestant her mom left this morning, thinking it might help un-stuff her nose so she could sleep better.  Ha!  

We went through the usual before-nap routine:  Potty?  Check.  Baby doll?  Check.  Favorite blankie?  Check.  Shades pulled?  Check.  Pandora playing soft lullaby music on the Roku?  Check.  

I generally lie down with her until she's fast asleep.  If she seems a little restless I tell her "hush" and "close your eyes" and she rolls over and is gone.  

Not this time.

Cora got in my face and asked me if I missed her, which she says all the time, even though I'm with her.  I gladly accepted a hug and kiss and told her, "I can't miss you when you're here with me.  Go nite-nite".  

For an hour-and-a-half she stood on her head, did somersaults, hid beneath the covers, undressed her baby doll, hung her feet and legs off the side of the bed, and ignored my pleadings to shut her eyes and lie down.  Oh, she'd shut her eyes tight, then peek through the little slits between her eyelids smiling.  At one point we heard Cliff rattling around in the kitchen and she asked, "What's that, Donna?"  

After ninety minutes of this, I got up and stood by the bed, looking at her.  She got up, picked up her blankie, and walked across the bed holding out her arms, smiling as I picked her up.  

Maybe she'll sleep really good for her parents tonight, because I sure didn't have any luck.  

We came into the living room where Cliff was reading.  "Here she is, Cliff,"  I told him.  "She's your responsibility now; she never did go to sleep and I've had it.  It's like she's drunk!"

"I'm not drunk Donna," she exclaimed, looking at me as seriously as though she actually knew what I was accusing her of.  

Life with a toddler is not for the faint of heart. 

I wonder what they put in that decongestant.


ingasmile said...

Adult decongestants are known for being "uppers" so to speak. I would not think that hers had in any "upper" in it. But you could look it up and see if that was the cause. If you want a sick child to sleep benadryl is your friend.


MRuth said...

Always love reading your blog although I might not comment all the time. Have a great evening.

Donna said...

It was children's cold medicine.

Margaret said...

I think that anything in their system changes the balance around and can affect behavior. Just my own ignorant opinion. :)

Sister--Three said...

I bet it was the medicine.