Friday, January 01, 2016

No resolutions, I'll just take things as they come

I'm taking one day at a time in 2016.  I have started letting go of things that need to go, like my expectations of what I wish would happen.  Instead, I'm waiting to be surprised by life.  I'm still enjoying the Message Bible:  I'll read a passage first in King James, then in the Message Bible, so I'm able to to get something for myself out of both versions.  Psalm 105:4 is the verse I want to keep in mind throughout the coming year:  "Keep your eyes open for God, watch for His works; be alert for signs of His presence."

Good advice.

Yesterday I let go of Grace the cow, along with the two Holstein calves nursing her.  A man is coming to get them Sunday.  A year ago I was thoroughly enjoying my little herd and watching one cow raise several calves.  However, I find that I am not really enjoying these creatures now, they are just out there on their own, doing fine without my intervention.  I hardly even look at them.  Cliff takes hay to them.  He probably sees them more than I do, and the cows really aren't his thing at all.  Doing something just because I did it last year is no reason to continue, and every morning after meditation when my mind is quiet, the thought was coming to me that it was time to let go of Grace.  When I finally decided to do it, I had no reservations at all, and I have no regrets now.  I am keeping Grace's two-month-old heifer Luna, and I still have Hope, the 11-month-old heifer.  I am making no specific plans for them.  I will wait and see what my wants and needs are as time goes by.  

So far the chickens are safe.  Cliff is, too.  

My garden will shrink drastically; I've said that for the last four years, but this time I am sticking to that intention.  

God willing, we will celebrate fifty years of marriage June 14 of this year; I don't want any receptions or parties, it will just be another day.  We have a train trip to the Grand Canyon planned before long, which will be paid for by Grace-the-cow, although that has nothing to do with why I'm selling her.  

I would love to go to Colorado this year too, but I'm giving Cliff a chance to think about it and see if that's what he wants.

When we got married in 1966, I'm pretty sure there were a lot of people who would have been willing to bet we wouldn't make it a year; I know Cliff's dad was in that group, because he was vocal with his opinion.  We'd only known one another about six months.  We decided to get married the day before we did the deed, without any prior planning.  We were raised in families that were as different as they could be, except for the fact that neither his parents or mine had ever had much money.  

Yet here we are.  It's funny how life turns out.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I wish you both a very Happy New Year ! 50 years is something to celebrate. Why not everyday of the year !

Sister--Three said...

Well, you got married on my 16th birthday.

Hope I get to see through your window another
year. Oh, I am so selfish. It is all about
me....I do wish to see good stuff going on
through the window pane!

Back Porch Writer said...

Happy New Year to you and Cliff.

Lori said...

I'm so glad you're keeping Cliff! lol

You were married the year I was born. I will turn 50 just a few months before your marriage does!

I'm so glad you a Cliff are able to enjoy your retirement the way you want to, for the most part. I hope it is like that when Thomas and I retire.

The text I will have on my mind for this year is Hebrews 13:1, "Let your brotherly love continue." Or, as another translation says, "Keep loving one another as brothers and sisters." I want to make sure that each day of this year I try to act with brotherly love toward anyone I am in contact with, and to do that in as many ways as I can. The state the world is in right now is a good reminder of what happens when we don't act that way.