Thursday, January 07, 2016

Cliff's Christmas present arrived today

Yes, it's late to be getting Christmas presents, but we didn't order these until Christmas Day.  Someone on Facebook shared a picture of some signs a guy makes to sell, and Cliff was almost drooling at the one that said "Oliver".  I urged him to buy it.  He insisted it was way too expensive.

"I think you should get that one and an Allis Chalmers one too," I told him.

"That's crazy.  Where would I put two signs in the shop?"

"Oh, you were planning to put them in the shop?  I thought maybe you'd fix them some way so they would attach to the the back of the Donna-carrier we put on the tractors that I ride in.  You know, switch signs depending on which tractor we're taking in the parade."

"I never thought of that.  That's a great idea!"  (See?  Sometimes I do get a great idea!)

So I contacted the guy, asked him to make a couple of changes in the Oliver sign so our names would be on it, sent the money through PayPal, and the deed was done.  

He doesn't only do tractor signs:  Here are a couple of pictures I downloaded to show you.  

The guy doesn't have a website, but if you are on Facebook and wish to contact him, just do a search for BarnArt Hopper.

We're going to be the envy of everybody in our tractor club!


Sister--Three said...

I love the signs!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Perfect gift for sure !

Margaret said...

Those are perfect!!

Lori said...

Those are REALLY cool!