Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The calves

The three calves are growing at such a rate I can hardly believe it.  I took a couple of shots in the dark this morning.  By the way, there is no wind blowing and it's rather nice out there for February.  Temperatures in the 20's.  

Notice that Gypsy is showing her Angus side.

Yes, she is "beefing up".  This is a wonderful thing, since there is a lot more demand for beef cattle than for dairy.  The white on her belly and face come from her Holstein genes (Grace is part Holstein), but I do think her body will turn out to be very much like her Red Angus daddy.  She will, however, give more milk than a full-blooded Angus, which means she will raise some nice calves for somebody.  

Penny, my other pregnant heifer, is bred to a Black Angus.  It would be nice if she had a heifer too.  Of course, if we were to sell it, steers bring more money per pound.  So as long as we have a healthy calf and no problems arise, we win either way.

Grace isn't giving as much milk as she was at first.  She doesn't get a lot of grain, only a bite to keep her coming up to feed the calves, and a nice big serving (two big coffee-cans full) when I milk her every five days, because I don't want her stomping around and being restless when I'm practically underneath her.  



They sure do look big compared to even a few weeks ago. Growing by leaps and bounds.

Barbara In Caneyhead said...

Ah, we have a pig in the pen, but what Pete really longs for is veal on the hoof.

Sister--Three said...

Roast in the store is from 5 to 6 dollars a pound so you should be rich when you sell these three! Steak is 8 to 10 dollars a pound. Needless to say...we are not eating much beef.