Sunday, February 22, 2015

No chickens have left the property

Yeah, the guy who said he would be here was a no-show, and didn't call to let me know he wasn't coming.  This doesn't even frustrate me any more; it happens more often than not, when I post something on Craigslist, so I've come to expect it.  Meanwhile, I intended to hold the four hens in a cage all day for the guy because they are so hard to catch in daylight, but two of them escaped and were running around free by afternoon.  Which was no big deal.  It wasn't hard to get them in the pen.

So, a man called last night and only wanted the two Buff Orpingtons.  Once again this morning I crept into the dark hen house and captured chickens, putting them in the stronger side of the cage.  I think there is a better chance of this fellow showing up, since he actually took down directions to the place and said, "I'll be there after church."

Meanwhile, someone from Polo emailed me and wants all four.  She even left her phone number.  I explained that a man was supposed to be coming to take two of them, but if she wanted more than two, I would part with one of the mixed-breed hens that I love so much.  If she comes, the worst thing about it is that we will end up chasing hens around the hen-house in daylight, which I hate to do.  I think if she is interested, I will tell her she has to help catch the hens.  

A lot of times you can tell a caller really has no intentions of showing up:  They will ask their questions and then say, "OK, I have to discuss it with my husband/wife.  I may get back with you."  

No, they won't.  That person is just a lookie-loo, curious to know details so they will have some comparison as they sell their own similar items or search for bargains.  Sometimes I am the lookie-loo, so I don't mind this.  At least they didn't lie to me and say they were coming when they had no intentions of showing up.  

Yesterday a dairy giving its location as Harrisonville advertised bottle calves $50 cheaper than any of the others on Craigslist.  I was excited and called.  The call went to voice mail and I left my information, but within half an hour the ad had been pulled and I got no call-backs.  Obviously their cheaper prices helped them sell out quickly!  So I still wait for the Holden people to call me, and hope they don't run out of calves before they get to my name on their list.   

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Between hens and calves you have alot of excitement going on out there. Hope the people wanting the birds show up today.