Monday, January 05, 2015

Computers are a most expensive habit.

We had a power outage the other day.  The electricity didn't just go off; before it totally went bye-bye, it blinked about ten times, which, as we all know, is hard on certain electrical things.  The electric smoke alarm beeped like crazy, and something else was beeping each time the power flashed on, something from the room where my computer used to live.  I say "used to live" because it no longer lives.  It might make a good doorstop at this point.  That particular beeping was my computer gasping its last breath.

This is the second time in three months that the hard drive in that computer has failed.  The first time, Dell replaced it.  This time, it was two weeks past the warranty.  So my one-year-old computer is a total loss.  

I've already ordered another computer, a laptop this time.  I also ordered a three-year service plan that covers it no matter what happens to it.  The thing is, right now we have the finances to purchase a new computer every year, but this won't always be true.  So I'm trying to prepare for the worst.  

I wasn't going to do any blogging until the new computer shows up.  It's just so awkward to one-finger type on the IPad.  However, I happened to recall the bluetooth keyboard that was tucked away in a drawer.  So here I am, checking in, with a keyboard connected to the IPad.  

It's bitter cold here with single digit temperatures.  Today the wind isn't blowing, so it isn't that bad, as long as I'm bundled up.  But yesterday it was six degrees and the wind was fierce!  It was so bad that the three calves didn't even come out of their stall until the cow was actually right there in front of them.  If it hadn't been so cold, I would have taken a picture of their three faces looking out their door, bawling piteously.  

Baby's daddy doesn't work this week, so we will beg him to bring her over for a visit one day.  We haven't seen her for two weeks, and we are having withdrawal symptoms.  


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Oh no ! One year old and it's gone?? That is an expensive thing for sure. I keep mine on a power strip and try to remember to shut that off when the electricity goes out. After hearing of your experience, I think I'll just unplug it altogether. Glad you have the iPad.

Pudge450 said...

You may want to check with your electric service provider. Most of them offer a surge protector which is installed at your service entry point. Ours costs $10.00 for installation and $3.00 per month. For computers they recommend a secondary plug-in type of surge protector which is purchased by the homeowner and can be purchased at Walmart.


Sorry to hear about your computer. Glad you will be able to replace it. Try and stay warm. It's going to be a very cold week.

Sister--Three said...

If it weren't for bad luck, you would have not luck at all.

I make lots of mistakes typing on the iPad, but it is so easy and accessible.

Glad you are going to get another computer. I would choose the computer over the tv if I had to choose.

Leilani Lee said...

Getting an APC or a UPS uninterruptible power supply) which automatically kicks on when the electricity drops has saved our bacon many many times because we often have "brown outs" here. Surge protectors are good too, but the UPS battery keeps the computer going long enough to give you a chance to save your data.

Margaret said...

Not full-proof, but all my electronics(except my tablet, hmmm) are plugged into surge protectors. The thought of typing a post on a virtual keyboard gives me the shivers. Not a chance. :)

Kevin E said...

Google's Chromebook computer works great and they're only about $200. Just a thought.