Monday, October 13, 2014

Time to bite the bullet... again

Cliff and I have let ourselves get careless about watching what, and how much, we eat.  Same old story.  It's just easier and more fun to eat every kind of food that presents itself.  I don't know how long it had been since Cliff stepped on a scale; I stepped on one several weeks ago and was 150 at the time, which is five pounds over my ideal.  My clothes still fit, although I will admit my size 10 jeans are at the bottom of the drawer because I've been afraid they wouldn't fit if I put them on.  Yeah, I keep blinders on a LOT.  Ignore a problem and maybe it will go away.  I have noticed that Cliff's tummy looks a little paunchier lately, so last night I told him, "We have GOT to get on the scale in the morning."  

In my case, the news wasn't so bad.  I'm still 150, just like I was weeks ago, just five pounds more that I want to weigh.  Cliff, however, has gained ten to fifteen, depending on which of our guidelines we go by.  

Ever since our successful weight loss two years ago, our intention has been to weigh every day, first thing in the morning.  But once we felt ourselves slipping from the straight-and-narrow, without saying anything to one another, we both stopped weighing.  Who wants to face the cold, hard facts of life?  

We had a wonderful weekend:  Saturday we spent five hours in the parking lot of an Orscheln Farm and Home store.  I know that doesn't sound like fun to you, but we were visiting with some of our tractor club people while folks admired our tractors and then went in the store and voted for their favorite.  It takes me a long time to get to know people, but once I found out we all love Moe Bandy and Gene Watson, we bonded pretty well.  We all got a free meal from a barbecue wagon, the weather was perfect, and to top it off, Cliff won "Best of Show" with his little 550 Oliver.

     We found it funny that Cliff was showing an Oliver tractor and was wearing a John Deere sweatshirt.  

Yesterday was a nice family day.  After church I fixed sausage and pancakes for various people.  Later on Cliff's St. Louis sister and her husband came by, and the daughter and her husband joined us.   

Yeah, it's been a good weekend, except for the part where we had to admit we needed to get on the scales.  

It's a rainy day, so the baby's dad isn't working.  However, he gave his word that he would bring her over to spend some time with us.  After all, we haven't seen her for two weeks and three days!



Sounds like you're missing the little one... counting the days, hours and minutes. Congrats on the tractor award. What an honor to win BEST of SHOW. At one time or another throughout the year we all face the Battle of the Bulge. With the cooler weather and the holidays right around the corner it's easy to put on a few pounds here and there.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You are one better than me...I don't think I ever owned a size 10 jeans...let alone have them lying in the drawer. I keep track of my weight by how my clothes fit and the same ones are still serving their purpose. I wish you luck with your plans but like Taryterres comment says remember the holidays are coming and that always means lots of good treats to be had.

Margaret said...

When I see photos of Cliff and you, you look GREAT. I've put on weight too, but am in that "life's too short" attitude. I would like to lose about 10.

Sister--Three said...

Greta and patsy share the same middle name, Ann!!