Friday, October 03, 2014

Branson road trip

To keep the costs down, we only spent one night in Branson.  We stayed at the Baldknobbers motel (built in the 70's, no microwave or refrigerator, but it was clean and didn't stink) because for $100, we could spend one night at the motel and also go to a Baldknobbers show.  I didn't take any pictures at the show, because really, who cares?  Thiry years ago, the main shows in Branson were the Baldknobbers and the Presleys.  The Presleys still put on a pretty good show last time we saw them.  The Baldknobbers have gone mostly to comedy, with not many of the old 60's and 70's country songs in the show when they do get musical.  Since most of their audience is sixty-plus, they need to fix that.  We want to hear the songs of our youth! 

We had some time to kill after we checked into the motel... hours to spend before 8 o'clock when the Baldknobbers show opened.  I noticed there was a Celebrity Car Museum down the road, and after Cliff's two-hour nap, we went there.  I think admission fee was pretty high, but hey, it's Branson.  So we gave them $30 and went on in.  It was interesting, I'll give you that, but I still think the admission shouldn't have been more than ten bucks apiece.  

   We both agreed this would be a car to take home with us.  If only we could afford the asking price.  

Seriously, who wouldn't want to own this car?  

Remember Herbie?  I think this is from the second movie.  A lot of the cars in the museum were from movies, and I'm not a big movie buff.  So they didn't really mean a lot to me.  I did know Herbie, though.

Yep, Elvis owned this.  There was also a bumper car from the amusement park he used to rent out at night so he and his friends and family could enjoy themselves in private.  He had ridden that bumper car for hours.

I'm not a fan of Breaking Bad.  The show made me feel depressed and hopeless.  But for those who like it, here is the real deal from the show.

When Paul Harvey met his wife, she was driving a Nash Coupe.

He had the car restored for her, years later.


That's a movie I'm familiar with.

And finally, the car George Jones owned during his wild, weird, no-show days.

The museum was interesting to me, but it wasn't photographer-friendly.  The cars were so close together it was hard to get good pictures of them, and there were flashing lights with some of the displays that drove us crazy and reflected off the camera lens.  I took all these shots with the Ipad, which was a mistake because the quality is never as good as it is with either of my cameras.  But there you have it.  



I agree with you the price of admission was too steep. But the cars all looked good. Especially the one you wanted to go home in.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sounds like you had a good time ! I'd prefer the country songs over comedy too.

Margaret said...

I've never been to the LeMay car museum here, but my brother's family goes quite often. I wouldn't want that car because it's red! Red cars get more tickets. :)