Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Our twenty acres, our first farm, is for sale

When we bought twenty acres with a house on it in 1967, our son was five months old.  Of course you know the sort of memories you have about the first place you owned (with the bank) where your babies were small and you and your spouse were still getting used to one another.  

The old house had two bedrooms and a small basement.  It was heated by a propane heating stove in the living room, so the rest of the house was really cold in winter.  The stove that was in the house didn't even have a blower that worked, so once the weather got chilly, we moved our son's crib into the living room.  

Although the house was sturdy and straight except for the kids' room, which left a lot to be desired, it was pretty primitive.  The first night we slept there, rats scurrying in the attic kept me awake.  No one had lived there for awhile.  Friends came to visit and asked, "Was this place abandoned when you bought it?"

I think we took this picture on moving day, or shortly thereafter.  We lived there seven years and then moved on to what we thought were greener pastures.  I think the people who bought it from us have been there all these years, since 1975.  We have driven by occasionally, and never saw a for sale sign.  From the road, the house looks about the same, although the front porch (where those steps lead) was turned into a bathroom, we were told by former neighbors some time after we left the place.  

My cousin mentioned that the place is for sale, so of course I had to go snooping and see what the asking price was:  We paid $13,500 and sold it for double that and thought we were getting a lot of money.  Yes, we were young and stupid.  

You can tell it's the same house, but the part on the right that used to be our kids' room has been totally rebuilt.  What amazed us was the description of the house as it is now, because somehow there are four bedrooms and two-and-a-half baths.  I can only wonder where all those rooms are!  The basement was small, just the size of our kitchen and bedroom together.  

Here is the link to the listing:  Read it and be amazed, especially if you are a friend or relative who once visited us at that poor little house.  Click HERE.


Margaret said...

Nice house, but the price must be for mostly the land. The photos(which I always love to look at!) don't show anything but the outside. I enjoy snooping around on the inside!:)

ingasmile said...

Margaret, the posting I saw had photos of the inside too! But wow, that price. They are going to make a tidy profit aren't they??



The first place you own always holds a special place in your heart. It was nice you had a chance to revisit it.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm like you and would snoop too. I have gone back to see our first house from time to time. I think it has turned into a rental property and isn't being well taken care of at all. Since we are about the same age I know you could really buy property cheap then. Everything has gone up in price since then for sure.

Woody said...

WOW, sure did jump in price !!!!!

Barbara In Caneyhead said...

Wow!! Incredible increase in price. But then I know that a house like that circa 1960 didn't look anything like it does now inside. So apparently, they spent a lot on renovations. And 20 acres costs a lot these days.

I notice they say built in 1994. Suppose that was when the massive remodel was done?

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