Sunday, August 31, 2014

Never give up

You've seen me bemoaning the condition of my garden and complaining about my lack of tomatoes to can.  Once the garden got out of control and the tomatoes all got ugly black spots on them, I gave up.  Every time I glanced toward the garden, all I saw was ugly tomatoes and weeds, so I avoided even looking at it.  The weeds, of course, only get worse with time.  I have a lovely crop of morning glory climbing over, around, and through everything.  

So depressing.  This is what happens when you look only at the bad, whether in the garden or in life.  

I was taking scraps to the chickens after dinner, and looked at the garden, ashamed.  I saw all the things wrong with it.  And then I realized there were quite a few red tomatoes on those neglected plants, and decided to give them a closer look.  

Most of the fruits on the upper parts of the plants are free of the ugly spots.  Four of the plants are bearing puny little tomatoes, but if I canned them, they would go in the jars easily.  The closer I got to the garden, the more red tomatoes I saw.  I went out with a milk bucket and came back with it full.  I took another bucket out and got quite a few in that one, too.

I guess I had better get in there and start canning.  

There is a lesson here:  As long as you are expecting to see bad things, whether it's in a weedy garden, a situation, or a person, that's what you will see.  Look a little closer, look for the good, and you might find something of value.  


Margaret said...

Great message. I too was bemoaning the yellowing and dying of my tomato plants--but they are producing some nice fruit right now, ugly though they look.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's so true, every day may not be a good one but there is something good to be found in every day if we take the time to look! Those tomatoes look great ! What a blessing !

Rebecca Howard said...

Very true. My tomatoes are actually producing nice fruit by now as well. I will be canning tomorrow, too.


The good is always hiding in the weeds. Glad you found these beautiful tomatoes. ENJOY each and every one.