Saturday, July 19, 2014

Is it time for a new baby calf around here?

A little over nine months ago, Crystal, daughter of Bonnie-the-Jersey-cow (best cow ever), came in heat and disappeared.  She was missing for a couple of days.  We looked and looked for her.  Finally the grandson came over with his future brother-in-law and they went over to the property east of ours where an Angus bull happened to live.  When the boys found her, she was nowhere near Farmer Steve's bull and the rest of the herd' she only wanted to come home.  It wasn't easy, but they got her across the fence and back where she belonged.  We never saw her in heat again.  I wrote down the date, October 12, just in case she was bred.  

During the last few weeks it has become obvious that she is pregnant.  She's fat, she's springing, and she is "making bag" (her udder is filling up with milk... don't ask me to describe "springing").  I looked at the notes on the Ipad and saw that IF she were bred October 12, she is officially due two days from today.  Cows, though, like humans, can go as much as two weeks over their due date.  However, we decided to keep her in the small lot for awhile.  We don't need another calf in the canyon.  We have had several of those, including Crystal herself.  You can read about her frigid birth HERE.  

Here are some pictures I took of her just a while ago.  I may let the grandson and Aaron name her calf, as long as I approve the name.  After all, they spent a whole Sunday forenoon running through the brush and hollers getting her to come back home, while we were at church.



What a pretty lady. She's glowing with child.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's been awhile since you had a new calf there. Hope all goes well.