Saturday, July 19, 2014

Another walk through the old house

Another walk through the old house.  Sorry I was so fast turning the camera around from one point to another.  Actually, I saw that the battery on the camera was 1/3 gone when I started, and was trying to get it all done before it died.  The Lori I mention is a pal from the old AOL chat room (known as Lahdee on AOL).  She said one of her boys enjoyed looking out the windows on my last walk-through.




Loved the house tour. Looks like they are really reworking everything. Going to be beautiful when they finish.

Diane@Diane's Place said...

I love seeing the changes in every new video you post!

And yes, I know that song and can sing it:

Say, say my playmate
Come out and play with me,
and bring your dolly three
climb up my apple tree.

Slide down my rainbow,
slide down my cellar door,
and we'll be jolly friends,
forever more, more, more.

Marlene said...

You did those stairs really well. I could not have done it.
I have the house that I grew up in over on Atlantic City
We rent it, and it is empty right now. It's a real headache
It needs lots of repairs, and Sal is not a hammer and nails man. I'm all for putting a for sale sign on it.

Jon said...

I love old houses and I enjoyed the tour.

I remember the "Playmates" song. I think my grandmother used to sing it. It was first recorded by the Kay Kyser Orchestra in 1940.

Saxie Dowell is given credit for writing the song, but the tune was actually plagiarized from a 1904 song entitled "Iola" by Charles Johnson.

Jon said...

By the way, Charles Johnson sued and won.

Lori said...

I so enjoyed that. It looks like he is doing a really good job. Can't wait to see it when it's all done. Thanks for letting us share the process with you. Oh, and I do remember the playmate song. :)

krueth said...

I love your walk thru's for us. One question? Where is baby's room at? I also know the song and still sing it with my daycare kids. Wendy

Penny said...

Thanks for the tour and the memories. I probably won't get that song out of my head for weeks. My best friend and I used sing that to each other when we were ready to play. Wish I could remember all the words now. Blessings, Penny