Thursday, May 08, 2014

Throwback Thursday on Facebook

If you have a Facebook account, you know there are a lot of stupid things posted there.  Stuff like "Share this if your son/daughter if smart and beautiful".  

Yeah, I'm waiting for "Share this if your son/daughter is ugly and stupid".  Seriously?  

And then there are the games.  I will admit that I used to do some of the games.  I'm over that now.  

And then there all the "friends" I really don't know.  What's up with that?  

Well, I have gotten rather attached to some of those friends.  For instance, there is one lady with whom I only connected because she graduated from North Kansas City High School, my alma mater... several years after my own graduation.  She enjoys most of the same music I like.  I have never met her, but I really like her.  

Now, on the the subject, Throwback Thursday (TBT):  On Thursdays, many of my Facebook friends post old pictures, sometimes from their childhoods, sometimes from early years of their marriages.  I usually play along, because it's fun to go back through pictures I have scanned to my computer and be reminded that I'm no spring chicken any more.   

Mother's Day is coming up, so today there were many pictures posted of mothers.  I love every single one, and I love sharing some of my own.  In fact, let me show you the picture I shared today.
   That's me and my mom in 1961.  I would have been sixteen years old.  We were at a wrestling match.  We went to wrestling matches twice a week, sometimes even three times a week.  She once hit a wrestler over the head with the purse you see in this picture.  My oldest grandson told me tonight he had never seen a picture of me at this age.  

So that's what you can expect on "TBT" on Facebook.  Tonight that friend I've never met (but really like), the one who graduated from my alma mater, posted a picture of her mother that bowled me over.  I was so impressed with it that I showed it to my husband.  We agreed that she was a classic beauty.  Colleen gave me permission to share this picture of her mother, haunting in its innocence.  

A real American beauty.  I love this picture.


Jon said...

I'm no longer on Facebook (what a relief!) but I love old photographs. There's a great satisfaction in seeing precious glimpses of the past.

I like the photos that you posted - - and I'm still laughing at the fact that your Mom clobbered a wrestler with her purse!

Margaret said...

Your mom sounds like quite a character! I love TBT on Facebook and try to ignore the silliness and drama. (games too) Nothing is perfect, right? I enjoy the connections I've made on FB with former colleagues and students. It's a great way to keep in touch/catch up.


My dad used to work wrestling matches when he was younger. Your mom sounds like quite a character hitting a wrestler over the head with her purse. You and her look quite lovely.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love TBT and see a lot of posts related to it on blogger too. Even our local TV station is doing it. I'd have to scan in a lot of old pictures if I wanted to I probably won't . I do love seeing yours though.

Sister--Three said...

Larry does FB so I can peak at it. Patsy kept her daughters acct. (If you have forgotten Janet passed away--way too young!) It sort of makes me ill to see on FB someone telling what a great mother they are. I feel like they are trying to convince themselves or maybe it's they are trying to convince all those friends who they don't even know!

I love the picture of you and your Mom. Larry and his Grandpa (who raised him) would go to wrestling matches. Grandpa took it very serious. He watched them on tv too.

Another thing Granny and Grandpa did was play checkers. Grandpa got mad if Granny beat him so she just let him win! Granny went to church and Grandpa stayed home. On Sunday, he would get hungry and cook. He burned all the food. When Granny got home all she could do was grumble under her breath. These were Larry's kin not the sisters.

I am glad you visit our blogs. And let see, you gave away your age. You are 5 years older than me, but younger than Patsy.

Happy Mother's Day, Donna!

Lori said...

She is a classic beauty. I think all three of you are beautiful in those pictures.