Monday, May 19, 2014

The best children's books

That's what I put in a Google search.  I wanted to get some books that the little princess would like, and it's amazing that I hit the jackpot.  Not with some sort of modern children's books, but items from way back when.  

The baby's favorite book seems to be "Pat the Bunny".  It was written in 1940, and mentions clocks saying "tick-tock".  When is the last time you heard a clock saying anything?  Yeah, I thought not.  And yet.... 

Here's the thing:  Little Princess adores Cliff.  She complains when he leaves; she hangs around him when he's in the house, unless I hold up that book, "Pat the Bunny".  Then she will crawl across the room at the speed of light and try to climb up my leg to my lap, just so I will read that book to her.  According to the almighty Internet, children need to be at least a year old to appreciate this book, but this little girl was loving it at the age of eight months, which just goes to show you that people have no idea at what age a child should enjoy a book.  

It's an interactive book that tells her to feel daddy's beard, pat the fluffy bunny, and so forth.  I never heard of it until I found it in that Google search.  It was originally published four years before I was born, and I'm almost 70.  

Her second favorite is Goodnight Moon, first published in 1947.  Again, I never heard of this book until I Googled it.  So now I'm wondering... what did they know about kids in the 1940's that caused people to write such timeless books?  Why didn't my parents buy these books for me?  Never mind, they did well.  I have great memories of "The Little Engine That Could" and "Little Black Sambo" and my Mother Goose book.    


Margaret said...

Both my girls loved Pat the bunny. I was a huge fan of Mike Mulligan and his steam shovel. I made my dad read that to me millions of times!The girls and I were up in a touristy place in NW Washington a year or so ago and they had parodies of Pat the bunny which, for adults, were absolutely hilarious. We didn't buy them, but had some great times reminiscing.


I LOVED GOODNIGHT MOON. It was my daughter's favorite. I believe the grandchildren had a copy of PAT the BUNNY. Timeless classics. When Cora gets a little older say 3-8 try the book CAPS FOR SALE. Another Classic. Fifty years old. I LOVE it too.

Leilani Lee said...

My boy loved "heavy equipment" and trains so we had a lot of books about machines. Some of the books he really liked were the Richard Scary books and the "Frog and Toad" series. I do happen to have a garden variety battery-powered wall clock that does actually tick. Very nice to go to sleep to.