Sunday, October 06, 2013

Twas a cold day for a tractor show

We took Cliff's latest project to Powell Gardens yesterday and almost froze to death.  
From what other exhibitors told us, though, last year was colder.  Anyhow, I was already debating whether I should go back to the truck and get my winter coat when a cold rain started to fall.  
"Oh no," I said to Cliff, "I'm already freezing.  I don't need to be wet!"  
And we ducked under the tent belonging to some people making apple butter to sell.  The rain only lasted about five minutes, just enough time for us to inspect their apple peeler collection.  Then we thanked them for the shelter and moved along.  

  One of my favorite things about tractor shows is seeing the stories behind the old tractors.  See that note hanging on the side of this Farmall Super C?  

Yep, these old tractors turn into a money pit.  But it's kind of like a wife or girl friend:  If you love them, it's worth the price.  

A favorite nephew and his lady showed up.  Unfortunately, the nephew was a little miffed at the fact that it cost them almost thirty bucks to get into Powell Gardens.  

Did I mention that Scotty had his lovely daughter tagging along?  I know that smile on Scotty's face is fake, because he is still thinking, "I paid almost $30 for THIS?"

Isn't this cute?  Scotty's girl friend, Marsha, knew these people participating in the Parade of Power.   By the time the parade started, temperatures were up to a comfortable level. 

This is our new neighbor to the west on his VERY RARE four-wheel-drive 1206 International tractor.  He is a sweet, unassuming young man who is very proud of his prize tractor.  We like him.  

A view of Powell Gardens from high above.

This shot is toward where the tractors were on display, although I really can't make them out.  

Because we took a tractor and didn't have to pay admission, it was a pretty good day.



Glad you found cover when it rained. The gardens are beautiful.

Hyperblogal said...

I've done some weddings there in the chapel. Like it for visiting, not so much for weddings.

Margaret said...

$30 is a lot and I wouldn't like the cold either! But it looks like a beautiful and interesting day.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It is nice this time of year when mights are cool that it does warm up after the sun is out for awhile. Glad it cleared up for you there and you had a good time.