Monday, July 25, 2011

Where Bonnie spends her time

During this awful heat wave we've had for the past couple of weeks, Bonnie spends all day every day beside my cabin in the woods.  It must be the coolest place around.  When the sun gets low in the west, she grazes her way toward the house, and when her belly is full, she lies down to chew her cud near Jody.  
That's where I see her each morning at sunup.  As I write this, it's 6:40 A.M. and Bonnie is headed back toward the cabin again, grabbing a bite of luscious pasture with every step.  
Flies torture cattle and horses this time of year.  Not just ordinary flies, but horseflies and face flies and horn flies that leave blood running where they've bitten.  I can use spray that gives about ten minutes of relief to the poor cows, but nothing really keeps the flies off for very long.  If Bonnie weren't providing us with milk for nine months of the year, we could use cattle ear tags that are effective in keeping flies away for about a month; but as it is, she suffers.  They do get relief during nighttime hours, because the flies go away when it's dark.  
I am so hoping Bonnie has a heifer this time; not just because I want a pet, but because if it's a heifer, it won't be such a big calf.  Also, cows tend not to carry a heifer calf as long, which would help with the size of the calf.  Ten days before her due date I'll be keeping Bonnie closer to the house, not allowing her to go to her daily cool spot by the cabin.  There are huge gullies and canyons back there, and a staggering newborn would likely end up tumbling to the lowest point on our forty-two acres.  
That's what happened with her first calf.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm glad she finds the coolest place to be in this heat. I continue to be inside where the a/c is. Yesterday evening I went outside to trim the bushes which were overgrown and was instantly wet with sweat. It's very hot yet here too. Sounds like Bonnie must be due soon??? Take good care in the heat. Have a great Monday!

Adirondackcountrygal said...

I feel so sorry for animals any time of year, insects in spring, summer and fall and then snow and cold in the winter. I can't wait to see Bonnie's new calf when it comes!

Jim H. said...

Well, this is completely out of character for me (2 posts on one blog inside of 8 hours!).
Mmy folks had a milk cow years ago and I remember how bad the flies were. Dad took a length of log chain and tied it between two trees, or between the top of a fence post and the ground, wrapped it with burlap and soaked the burlap in old oil. The cows loved to rub up against it. Kept the flies off pretty well, and I guess it didn't affect the milk. Just don't completely soak the burlap. Call it Brylcreem for cows.

Margaret said...

I never had thought about how miserable cows would be in the heat and with the nasty flies. Poor things!! They don't get A/C like we do.