Sunday, July 03, 2011

The experiment

I've been somewhat of a Facebook fanatic at times during the last three or four years.  My Facebook "friends" number... oh, I don't know, somewhere above three hundred I think.  I could go check and make sure, but I've deactivated my Facebook account.  
I had thought about doing this in the past, but I was enjoying Farmville too much at the time.  Now I have become extremely bored with the game.  I am a multi-millionaire farmer and the game provides me with no way to spend all my funds.  They want me to use REAL money to buy the good stuff.  No thanks.      
I read the rules of Facebook and found out that if I want to, I can sign in and reactivate my account.  I may or may not do that; we'll see how much I miss it.  I may be back on in a week, who knows?  
Oh, there will be some things I will miss:  pictures, for instance.  My nephew Scotty has a new motorcycle, and I downloaded the picture from Facebook and sent it to Cliff in email so he could see it.  Cliff has a Facebook account but seldom checks it.  (I just realized, if I want to see what's going on with family members I can sign on Cliff's account.)  
I do have email, so anyone who wants to contact me on the Internet can use that.  
I'll let you know how this turns out.  
I expect I'll get back to actually reading my favorite blogs instead of skimming them.  I will, once again, monitor Tractor Tales to see what's going on there.  
Or I may crawl into a corner and suck my thumb, whimpering like a baby.    


Margaret said...

FB is intrusive and buggy, but I love keeping up on people's lives. I save my personality and life stories for the blog. As my older daughter wrote on her blog, "Facebookville is like a fun house, with distorted mirrors." You can't get to know people very well through their little quips.

Angela said...

I like Margaret's comment... I grow weary of it all myself and yet I hang around mostly due to my kids that are on there.

Rachel said...

Oh, that explains it. I thought you'd blocked us (instead of hiding.) LOL See your email.

patsy said...

I have not done facebook, my daughter does. I have peeked a few times when I wanted to see some body's photos in fact I checked yours probably about the day you decided to quit!
I have never played games on the puter, so the games seem silly to me.
daugher plays games all the time.
once I had sister's pass word and could go on FB as she. I wanted to see some photos she had told me about meantime she decides to stop FB. I didn't tell her and a few days later her son says Oh mom you signed back up on FB!
no! I didn't she says so she goes on and there she is AGAIN with a bunch of friend she has never heard of. Then she notices aLL the friend are Tyson worker from arkansas and she knows I have been playing with her FB.

Pat said...

I noticed you were gone this morning when I logged onto Facebook. I thought maybe you had deleted me, but was glad to read your blog this morning, and saw you deactivated your account. We will miss you! Have a wonderful day!

Sonya said...

Sad. But if you are not into why have it. I enjoy it but not as much as I used to. I still am on it a lot but have been reading blogs a little more often (esp now that I have a Droid phone that makes it easy when I'm on the go. Just don't go in the corner and suck your thumb. lol

Anonymous said...

I just read on Hotair that China wants to buy facebook. They want to control social media in their country and Ours? Good reason not to belong.