Friday, July 08, 2011

Still celebrating my birthday

The rain that ruined my motorcycle-riding plans yesterday was gone today; we left home before nine and got home after two.  Oh, we took time out to eat in Sedalia, and we did some shopping at the Tractor Supply there.  And then we stopped by a place out in the country that we've ridden by several times, a place that has some odd little campers.  

The thing is basically a covered bed with some storage space; it's too big to pull with a motorcycle and too small to stand up in.  And it costs $5,500.  So, no.  We won't be buying one; none of my Dave Ramsey envelopes has that much cash in it.  The guy we spoke with rents them out for $65 a day, so that might be something we would do.  Or not.  I'm thinking at least you wouldn't have to worry about bedbugs, the way you do with motels.  
Travis and Tyler, the neighbor twins, came over after we got home.  Tyler, the one with cancer, lost most of his hair and shaved off what was left.  He looks darned good!  I called him "Mr. Clean".  He has to go for another radical chemo session again this week, and he's dreading it.  
That's about all I have for today.  Several relatives are riding motorcycles here tomorrow, so it should be an interesting day.  


Anonymous said...

There are plans available to make your own teardrop trailer. At one time, the plans were published in a magazine, maybe Popular Mechanics, and people made their own. They are cute, aren't they? But, they really are a bed that is enclosed so you don't pay for a room.

Margaret said...

That trailer would only be good if it were REALLY cheap. :) I would feel claustrophobic in it!! Glad you got out and about in decent weather. My husband shaved his head too once the hair started coming out in clumps. Too depressing!

James Wood said...

Those little campers have cult following, but there really isn't much to them. I think it would be pretty easy to build one much cheaper.