Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cliff's purchase

I realize most of my readers are ladies and don't know a hoist from a joist (just like me).  We're heading to Platte City in a few minutes, but I came back to leave a link to an item like Cliff bought.  Notice the prices, although Cliff says you can get a used one for $1,000 sometimes.  
That's why he figured it was worth risking $100 to buy something he would use a lot:  for instance, if he works on the blades on his riding mower, he'd lift it with this hoist.  He has a hoist already, but it isn't electric.  
To see the brand of hoist (it's a half-ton) we're going after, click HERE.  


madcobug said...

That looks like it would help him lift things very easily.

katie said...

Gosh from the look of those prices, if he can get this $100.00 one working he has made a steal. Good luck.

Mrs. L said...

You guys are the best shoppers in the whole world. I'd say you were frugal, but people don't consider that a compliment, even though it is. They think it means cheap. But it means someone who is economical, not wasteful, thrifty, a prudent saver -- I think I made my point. Definitely not cheap.