Saturday, August 25, 2007

My motorcycle DVD

After hours of frustration and much waiting and watching, I successfully put together a DVD consisting of digital pictures I've taken of our motorcycle adventures over the past two years. I'm fairly well satisfied with the music I chose to go with it. It lasts for forty-five minutes.

Watching it and listening to it on TV was almost like going on an actual motorcycle ride. I'm so glad for digital cameras, because back when film had to be developed, I just didn't take many pictures.

Who knows, we may get another Goldwing. Or not.

But I'm glad I at least have the memories.

And now I know how to make DVDs of photos, which may be a handy skill to have. I doubt I'll do another forty-five minute one, though. I am not a patient person.

1 comment:

BarnGoddess said...

Im glad your DVD worked out!

45 minutes is a project, thats for sure