Thursday, December 08, 2016

Free books

When I got my first reader, a Nook, getting ebooks from the library was much more difficult than it is now.  I had to download the book onto my computer, then hook the Nook (ha!) to my computer, and transfer the book to my device.  Thank goodness times have changed.

I think I finally gave the Nook to someone, because eventually Amazon owned me.  So I switched to a Kindle for reading and added a Kindle app to the iPad.  Because I have the app, I don't have to own a Kindle, but sometimes when I get deep into my winter reading I spend a lot of time at it; on the basic Kindle you can go for days without charging the device.  Cliff has a basic Kindle too, since he usually gets involved in reading through the winter, although this year he hasn't had the inclination to do so.

We traveled to Versailles the other day listening to a Harlan Coben audiobook I purchased from Audible, another Amazon money-maker.  The iPad doesn't have enough volume for Cliff to hear, so I have a small, inexpensive speaker that I plug into it.  The time passed like magic, which is wonderful for Cliff because he hates long drives.  A bluetooth speaker would be nice, so I wouldn't have to sit with wired-up devices in my lap as we travel.  However, I can deal with it.  

I have several Audible books, thanks to the fact that I signed up one time for a free month's trial and forgot to cancel for quite a while.  Yes, I DO need to pay more attention to my credit card bill.  Anyway, I own quite a few Audible books as a result of that mistake.  We only got halfway through the Coben book on the trip to and from Versailles, so we either need to take another road trip or listen to the rest of the book at home, together or separately.  I'll have a discussion about this with my loving husband later.  It is a good book.  We were enjoying it.    

Meanwhile, I have been listening to Mr. Mercedes as I spend my daily hour on the exercise bike and just finished it yesterday.  Stephen King is so glum and dreary, even when there's sort of a happy ending.  Listening to the last half of our Harlan Coben book would get me smiling again.  He kills off people, but there's a lot of funny stuff in between the deaths.  Stephen King never shows a sense of humor.  

Here's something I wonder about:  Why would anyone pay money for ebooks?  I still find myself buying them if I find a bargain ($1.99, $2.99) when there's absolutely no need for it.  Look at all these Harlan Coben books in the audiobook section of my library!  These are just the ones that can be checked out immediately; there are others you can place a hold on.  They're free, and I can check them out from the comfort of home.  I can return a book when I'm finished with it.  Otherwise, it will return itself at the end of a specified time.  

Read my lips:  If you are spending money for books, you are doing so unnecessarily.  Click HERE for instructions to download library books to a Kindle.  If you are using the overdrive app on either the Kindle or an iPad, click HERE for instructions.  It isn't difficult or confusing these days.  The same app works for ebooks and audiobooks.  

You can send me a portion of all that money you save.



krueth said...

I have a kindle that I read on a lot, although I do love to hold my books to read yet too. I find that I get a free book but then end up purchasing the sequel to it. Ugh! I have to get some read off my kindle cause I have run out of room! I have a few sites too that I can download free books from. Wendy

Margaret said...

My library has some e-books I want, but not others and not very many copies, so the wait is very long. I've been spending way too much on amazon to get books right away, but I don't feel super guilty. Some spend money on clothes, others on tools or other things, so my vice is books. :) Better than other stuff.