Sunday, August 07, 2016

Random, interrupted

Oh, don't worry.  You'll get your random update.  But I got up from the computer when I was about to do this entry.  Coming back from the kitchen with another cup of coffee, I saw out the east window what looked like the beginning of a lovely sunrise.
I try not to miss any pretty sunrises, so I went out back and sat on the deck for awhile.  I've often said that if the only way a person could see a lovely sunrise was to travel thousands of miles... if you couldn't just go outside most mornings and see it at home... people would spend fortunes to go where they could see such a sight.  I had hoped to see a lovely sunrise when we were at the Grand Canyon, but it takes clouds to make a nice sunrise.  Apparently clouds are a rarity there.

Allow me to digress one more time.  I simply have to share a photo stolen from Facebook and cropped.  Friday the little girl we babysit was in a demonstration of police support in Kansas City:  She and her mom rode her pony in the group of almost 200 horses and riders.

I went through 159 photos to find this one, but it was worth the effort once I cropped it down to the really important people.

Now I'm back to bore you with some drivel about tractors and parades.

We got up bright and early yesterday, and Cliff loaded up the tractor with the grandson's help.  I can't help him because I can't bear to watch; I've read and heard about some terrible accidents that happened while someone was loading a tractor onto a trailer.  Cliff is aware of the danger and is very cautious, but I still can't watch.  I was surprised that the grandson was even awake, but he made the mistake of posting something on Facebook, so I gave him orders in a comment to get his clothes on and come and help his grandpa.  He found it rather funny that I knew he was running around in his skivvies, but I've known the boy a long time.  He's been heavily influenced by his grandfather, who only began wearing pajama bottoms around the house when I began blogging and taking pictures of him at unexpected times.

The parade at Odessa was attended by a huge crowd, including many children who had brought sacks for the candy some of the parade participants were tossing to the crowd.  Sort of like trick or treat, but the treats come to you, so it's less work.  At first I thought perhaps I'd take some candy to the next parade we take part in, but when I saw one girl step out pointing at her treat bucket and demanding candy, I decided against it.  

I took this picture before we even got downtown.  LOTS of people!

I took this picture because of the car show behind the people... it was a huge car show.  We had another parade to attend twenty miles or more away, so we didn't get to check it out.  I do believe that one girl at the left side of the picture was posing for me.  

(I think yet another Canon point-and-shoot camera has developed moisture inside, blurring certain portions of my pictures.  But again, I digress.)

I didn't see a lot of folks I knew, so I was excited to see my daughter's insurance agent!  OK, well, he used to be the music directer where I went to church at the time, too.  I hadn't seen Rusty in years.  He's a nice, very talented fellow.  

Then we were loaded up again and heading to Dover, which is a tiny little town with a tiny little parade.  I won't bore you with the details.  Let's just say that the seven or eight tractors that were there made up most of the parade.  We did see someone we knew there, though...

David, a former next-door neighbor, chatted awhile.  He's the guy responsible for getting Cliff the job he retired from, and we are forever grateful for that.  He invited us to a fish-fry they'll be hosting, and we figure we'll probably attend unless our tractor club is having an event.  There will be music!  For those of you who remember the twins next door who practically grew up in Cliff's shop, David is their uncle.

That's all for now, folks.




Something about a sunrise or sunset that feeds the soul. Love the pics of the pony and tractor. looks like a fun filled afternoon.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That is a beautiful view of the sunrise ! We have cloudy skies here this morning !

Mary Degli Esposti said...

I'm having difficulty believing you would have ever post a naked picture of Cliff to this blog, but hey, if it got him to wear pj bottoms, good for you. Unless, of course, you'd prefer to see him unclothed more often... Good to have a grandson who comes right when you ask him to.
Do I remember correctly - is Rachel a grandmother now? If so, how about those pictures?

krueth said...

Sunrises are just plain spectacular! I am a morning person so I am usually out walking when the sun is rising. The picture of your little girl you care for and her mom is so cute :-) When you mentioned the twins, didn't one of them have cancer? How is he doing? Glad you can still get out and enjoy taking part in parades etc. Wendy