Friday, August 05, 2016

It's August already? (random)

Yes, it is.  My longtime readers might recall a time when I updated my blog almost daily, but lately I seem to have a problem finding something to put in an entry.  The other morning I kept thinking about my childhood and was going to do an entry about my mom's wallpapering sideline when it occurred to me that I might have already done that.  Sure enough, if you type "wallpaper" into the search box in the upper left-hand corner of my blog, the second entry down addresses the subject.  Have I really covered everything about myself that's fit to share on the internet?

Perhaps that's my problem lately:  I've covered every thought I've ever had that's suitable for public consumption.  There's nothing new under the sun, at least in my life.  Nothing I'd want to put out in public, anyway.  Oh yes, friends, even I have little secrets that I won't tell the whole world.  And opinions?  I never do well sharing my opinions, so that's out as a blog topic.

Jack Crabb, the old cowboy in "Little Big Man" told the story of his life by phases or periods:  There was his snake-oil-salesman period, his religious period, his gunfighter period.  He was a freight-hauler, an army scout, and a Cheyenne warrior during various phases of his life, always reinventing himself.  

I look back through my blogging life and I see the working woman (Kohl's Distribution Center), the horsewoman, one-half of the biker team astride the Honda Gold Wing.  I took Jersey cows back into my life and wrote about that.  I had three dogs in succession that were, at times, topics of interest.  

Then there are threads of gardening and antique tractors woven throughout my blogging tapestry, subjects that have always been common topics.  

The subject that dominates my life these days seems to be the three-year-old child we babysit, and although she has a faithful following on Facebook, I hesitate to share too much about her here.  The motorcycle is gone, the cow (regrettably) is gone.  The horse, Blue, died long ago.  I don't have a dog now, and I'm not sure I'll ever want one again, although I imagine when the little girl is gone from our lives I might change my mind.

If I blogged about what's going through my mind this morning, here it is:  I've been thinking about Bob Seger.  I never heard of the guy until we rented the movie "Risky Business", but when I heard him singing "Old Time Rock and Roll", I wondered who was singing that incredible song.  Later on I heard him singing "Night Moves" and "Turn the Page" and was blown away by both numbers.  I loved the way they each painted a picture and told a story in which you could almost feel yourself participating.  Wow.

So you see, that's probably the sort of entries you'd be getting these days... the story of my fascination with a musical artist I never heard of until he was practically a has-been.  

What's coming up this weekend?  Two, count 'em, two tractor show/parade events on Saturday.  Each year on the first Saturday in August, there's a stretch of 24 highway that comes to life.  

The 9th Annual Blazin’ the Trail Event is a 20 mile event along the Santa Fe Trail spanning from Lexington to Waverly.  Along the way, you will find Fresh Produce, Garage sales, Antiques, Crafts, Food, Wine Tasting (featuring the Lafayette County Wineries), and other Family Events.  At the heart of the trail lies the small town of Dover celebrating their Dover Days Festival.  Here you will find a great tractor show, a variety of vendors, kids games, food, quilt show, bands and much more! Please come travel the trail and get a taste of what our local area has to offer!

The little town of Dover has a tractor show (that would be our club, mostly) and a parade at 2 PM.  However, before that, there's a parade in Odessa at 10 AM.  There's a 20% chance of rain in the forecast that day, just to keep things interesting.  

I've put a lot of peaches in the freezer, thanks to a friend who gives me all the culls I can handle.  The peaches will have lots of sizable bad spots or bruises, and yet, they'll be a little green.  I go through them constantly to pick out the ones that have ripened while they were sitting around my kitchen drawing fruit flies and toss the ones whose bruises and rotten spots developed faster than they could ripen.  Not the most pleasant task, but in the middle of winter when I can take those free peaches out of the freezer and add them to our otherwise boring cereal, I'm repaid for my troubles.

There you have it.  Random thoughts of a hippy/hillbilly/aging blogger.  Peace!


Margaret said...

I used to blog lots more than I do now too. I intend to put up an entry when I'm back from Alaska and have digested my experiences. I like Bob Seger too!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I do remember your daily posts and back when I was working a very tedious job in front of a computer every day your posts about the horse rides kept me going. Sounds like you are having a great summer anyway. Those peaches will be a bit of sunshine for sure come winter.


I am always interested whatever you post about. nothing as delicious in the summer as a good peach.