Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Killing time in Arkansas

We left home Friday morning, stopped at Lambert's (Home of the Throwed Rolls) and arrived in Harrison shortly before 3 PM.  They roll up the sidewalks at 4, so we needed something to do quickly.  
Well, the Boone County Heritage Museum stays open until 4, so that would give us something to do for an hour.  Honestly, it was just a mix of this and that, some old things, some ancient, mostly unrelated objects.  Cliff and I like looking at old things, so it suited us fine and got us out of an hour of sitting in the motel watching reruns.  The three-story building used to be the local high school.

There was a switchboard somewhat similar to the one I grew up with.

Bull blinders.  I assume if you had a mean bull, he was less likely to kill you if he couldn't see you.

At one time, the largest manufacturer of parking meters in the world was located in Harrison.  The place is long-gone now.

An old gasoline pump (I'd love to have one) and a reminder of the state's most famous native son.

Ah yes, don't we all remember these from the 60's?

An embalming table that belonged to the town undertaker many years ago.  There's a casket in the background.

And hair dryers and contraptions from the past.  

You get the idea.  Anyhow, it kept us busy for an hour.  The next day we got up and went to the tractor show, but there was a little more after that, which I'll get to in my next blog entry. 


Margaret said...

The bull blinders looked like a horrible kind of bra! Interesting place!

Sister--Three said...

My daughter lives in Harrison
Happy anniversary
46 for years for Larry and I
We are just a few years behind you.
After Patsy I was the first sister to marry
Patsy was 12 years older than me

Jon said...

It's a little unnerving when some of the things I remember as a child are now in museums....


LOVe those parking meters. If they're not on the street I do not have to rummage around in my pockets for a quarter. looks like you had a nice afternoon.

krueth said...

How fun to go and see the older things in the museum. I must say the gas pump with the sign of the hometown of Bill Clinton made me laugh a bit, I thought he is not full of gas but something a little bit more stinky..ha ha! Sorry! I am so glad you two get out and about so much while you are still able to go. Wendy