Friday, October 02, 2015


One thing my readers need to know about me is that I tend to get depressed when signs of autumn arrive; and then I often withdraw into my shell, where I have been known to stay until Spring shows her lovely face.  That doesn't bode well for the life of my blog, at a time in my life when I've almost stopped blogging anyhow.

Facebook has taken its toll on many of the blogs I used to read as well as mine.  It's so easy to just spill one's guts and share pictures instantly on Facebook, while a decent blog entry is liable to consume an hour of time.  I'm pretty sure if it weren't for Facebook, I'd still be making several entries a week on my blog.  However, I refuse to call it quits here.

The child we babysit keeps us occupied and happy, and I suppose has also been a distraction from blogging.  She turned two in August; every day she is more fun than the day before.  She's talking; she's potty-trained; she is still as loving as ever, giving "I-love-you's" and big hugs often.  She has been the light of our lives for the time we've had her.  She's in currently in Iowa with her grandparents, and for some reason, knowing we are without her for two weeks, we have both been rather downhearted.  As I told Cliff, this is probably good for us, because we need a reminder that the child is only loaned to us; the time will come, whether next month, next year, or later, that she won't need us as babysitters.  She isn't ours to keep.

Last weekend there was a wedding here on the property, which was a fun time for all.  The oldest grandson, now the owner of this property on which we live, got married.  I have always hated weddings, but this one was all right in my book.  It was casual, for one thing; I hate dressing up.  And the wedding came to me, so I didn't have to leave home to attend!  I am sharing three pictures to illustrate just how unique the ceremony was:

I've seen lots of comments from people who loved this idea

Instead of a "flower girl", the grandson's best friend's daughter carried a sign:  "Uncle Woody, here comes your girl!"  
The bride was delivered on the back of Cliff's largest tractor.
The kids are in Ireland on their honeymoon, and their absence next door has helped make our world seem emptier this week.

So yesterday we shook off the doldrums and went on a road trip that was just what the doctor ordered.  It included ice cream, barbecue, and a couple of museums.

We are alive and well, and I hope not to wait so long before my next entry.


Sheila Y said...

It looks like a fun wedding! Congratulations to both! Have a great weekend, Sheila

Jon said...

I've always hated weddings and avoid them like the plague. Your grandson's wedding looks fantastic - with a unique simplicity that is very intriguing and honest. There's absolutely no reason to waste money on an elaborate ceremony. Congratulations to the couple!

I hate Facebook even more than weddings (*smile*). I've tried it several times (Facebook, not weddings) and cannot connect with the concept. I undoubtedly love blogging because I'm so annoyingly verbose. Writing is cathartic.

Don't abandon blogging, Donna.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I can relate to the fall doldrums. Glad you you got out and got a pick me up. It's important these days to be looking on the bright side.

ADB said...

I've nearly fallen to the Facebook easy-update lure, but decided that a blog is a better medium for writing longer posts. I like the transition of seasons; although I miss the long daylight hours that northern Scotland brings, I appreciate the change to a different pattern, and the beckoning of a new year beyond.

krueth said...

I was so happy to see in my email that there was a new blog from you! :-) I so enjoy reading your writings and ramblings, smile! What a great, no fuss wedding! I miss your daughter's blog too! I find myself having a hard time with fall as well, because I DREAD Winter and that awful, awful LONG months of winter up here in Northern Minnesota. So, I have to give myself a kick in the pants and say, enjoy these beautiful days Wendy...ha!