Saturday, March 21, 2015

Cliff can HEAR!

First off, let me tell you that I gave the wrong amount when I blogged about how cheap Cliff's hearing aid was:  I stated it was $1,499; actually, it was $1,299.  I went back to that entry and corrected that, so that if anybody Googles Costco hearing aid prices and ends up on my blog, they will see the right amount.  So we saved $550 over ENT Associates of Greater Kansas City, and dealt with much nicer people.  AND Cliff didn't have to wait a month to receive his hearing aid!  He got it only two days after his first visit.

It's fun to see him being surprised at things he can hear now.  The first evening he asked me, "Is the furnace running?"

"Yes," I answered.  "Why do you ask?"

"I never heard it before."

He worked in front of the shop all day yesterday and stated that it was rather irritating, hearing the doves cooing and the sparrows squawking all the time.  When I put Gracie in with the calves to let them get their milk, I usually come inside and set the timer on the microwave for ten minutes so I don't forget about them.  Yesterday evening when the microwave timer gently "beep-beep-beeped", Cliff said, "What was that?"

He had not been able to hear it before.  

He informed me that he had to turn the hearing aid down yesterday morning because I was talking too loud.  Yes, I DO talk to him loudly!  I've had to do so for several years in order for him to hear me.  Now I guess I will need to retrain myself.

He has the ability to change a setting on this hearing aid when he's in a crowd, on the phone, and in other unique situations.  I can't wait for Sunday to find out whether he can hear the announcements and the preaching, because he has pretty much been deaf to anything that was said at church up to this point, even with his old hearing aid.  

The new hearing aid was money well spent, and as I said before, we saved a lot of money on the hearing aid by going to Costco.  It's guaranteed against damage and loss for two years, which is amazing to me, considering the expensive places make you buy insurance if you want your hearing aid covered against loss.  

I am so happy that Cliff can hear again.



You made a wise call. Sounds like Costco is the place to go. The price is right, great service and a wonderful product and warranty. I am THRILLED for Cliff. Being able to hear again must have put a big spring in his step for sure. Savor every moment.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a blessing that must be to hear things you haven't heard.

Margaret said...

The world will be a much louder place for him now, but thankfully he can adjust the volume! I love Costco!

Barbara In Caneyhead said...

So happy for Cliff!! And it is always great to find what you need at a better price.

Sister--Three said...

Greta came today. She is speaking so much better because of the two hearing aides. She said-- I have to take them out when I take a bath. I said-- can u hear me? She laughed and said yes,

Sister--Three said...
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Carlene Noggle said...

I am so happy that Cliff can hear now! Being hard of hearing myself, I can relate to how he must have felt. I know I get tired of asking people to repeat themselves just as much as they get tired of me asking! I am happy for you too Donna! You are right this was money well spent!