Thursday, February 02, 2012

The wonders of the Internet

Everybody knows how Cliff loves working on old tractors.  He switches brands from time to time, of course.  We used to be Allis Chalmers aficionados, but we've switched to Olivers.  Who knows why men do what they do?  All I know is, when Cliff changes loyalties, I do too.  Because I'm that kind of good wife.  
They don't make those old tractors any more.  These days the only two decent brand names left are John Deere and (Lord help us) Kubota.  There are other makes and models still being manufactured, but they aren't quality stuff.  
So Cliff chooses his favorite brands from the 60's and 70's and tries to restore them to their former glory.  He doesn't need them, but he loves them.
In the old days it would have been exceedingly difficult getting parts and figuring out how to make old equipment work, but Cliff is fortunate: he married me, and I introduced him to the Internet.  
So when he tears down an old tractor and runs into a problem, he goes to Yesterday's Tractors and consults the people lurking on the Oliver message board.  He ran into difficulty with his current project, an Oliver 550.  Let me tell you, the fellows on that board have been jumping through hoops trying to help him.  There is one guy who Cliff considers the guru, the superman, the king of all that is Oliver.  After I posted on the board about Cliff's problem, people began sending him helpful emails.  One of those emails was from the Oliver King.  
Tonight the guy called him.  Seriously, you would have thought my husband was talking to the President of the United States; he was that much in awe.  
How can you not love the Internet?


Paula said...

Amen to the internet. Wouldn't ya just rather have a man hanging out with tractors and spending his money on them then in the beer joint?


My hubby loves the message boards too. Our ice maker was broken in our refrigerator. It's old. He asked for help fixing it and everybody online had a solution. My hubby fixed it per their guidance. YEAH! Thanks message boarders. So I know how you and your hubby feel. Cliff must have been in heaven talking to the king of all things Oliver. The Internet is WONDERFUL, indeed.

Margaret said...

It's such a bonding thing, having a passion for tractors or something else. You share your interest with others and they truly understand how you feel about it.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You and Cliff do make a great team. Yep, the internet is wonderful.