Saturday, October 24, 2009

My second day with a Mac

Just as I was about to pay good money for a word processing program, my daughter let me know that Open Office has a program for Macs, as well as PC's. Now I can read those old poems stored on my external drive. In fact, I can import them to my Mac.
I got totally lost in Iphoto yesterday, naming the faces in photographs and looking at pictures I hadn't thought about in years. I also deleted a lot of crappy pictures that should never have been saved in the first place; I've only just begun this process, so who knows when I'll do any housework; I have pictures going back to 2000. I fretted and worried about how on earth a person is supposed to delete a photo, until I noticed a little trash basket to the left of the pictures. A light turned on in my head, and I proceeded to click and drag the junk pictures into the basket. How cute!
The Mac Mini is made to be used with any keyboard or mouse. Unfortunately, I haven't found any keyboard shortcuts that work with my old Dell keyboard. My new Mac mouse has no right-click button: without keyboard shortcuts or right-clicks, I had no way to copy and paste, or cut and paste. So for now, the old track-ball mouse is connected. If I had it to do over again, I'd just have bought another track-ball; this one doesn't want to roll easily any more, although I have cleaned all surfaces.
Other than that, I'm happy. I've gotten used to clicking out of pages on the upper left-hand corner instead of the right, and searching my computer without going to "my computer" (I like that). Somehow I even discovered yesterday how to check to see how full my hard drive is. Of course today I've forgotten where I found that. But I'll find it again!
I hope this isn't boring my readers to death, but since I sat at this thing for literally hours yesterday, I have little else to report. Eventually I'll come up for air.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Daughters are wonderful and so are new computers. Just have fun exploring and getting to know it!
I have no doubt that you are never bored anyway

RNSheets said...

You are addicted.

Welcome to the Apple Family!

Hyperblogal said...

With the Mac Mouse "control click" is a right click.
Hope that helps. Plus, once you've clicked on a picture in iPhoto... just hit the delete button.

Astaryth said...

This happens to me every time I get a new computer.... I have to play and check things out and tweek it till it works just the way I want it too. LOL! Glad you are enjoying your new 'toy'.

madcobug said...

When you get something new it takes a while to check it all out. I have been using mouses with the red light on the bottom for years. I wore out too many balls LOL. So much easier to use by sliding it along without a pad. Enjoy the day with your new Mac. Helen

Tawnya said...

No, I am happy to hear about your experiences because I am contemplating getting a Mac too! Glad it is going well.

Paula said...

To heck with the housework. Who'll care 50 years from now.