Saturday, August 05, 2017

For the love of Oliver tractors (warning: Many tractor pictures included).

Cliff really wanted to go to this tractor show at Marshalltown, Iowa.  Since he seldom wants to drive anywhere, I always jump in the middle of things when I see a road trip ahead.  I convinced him we should just head on up there and see those Olivers!  Didn't take too much convincing.  

We packed a change of clothes, figuring we'd look the tractors over, spend a night at some nearby motel, and then head home... or to my Allen family reunion.  Whatever.  I just wanted a road trip.  I checked out an audiobook onto the iPad, from our library (John Grisham's "Rogue Lawyer") and left shortly after 7 AM.  Turns out I had already read the book, but I didn't remember some parts.  And it really helped Cliff pass the time.

All kinds of tractors, all colors.
Whoa, look at that GREAT BIG TRACTOR!

What a nice Massey Harris!

Before there was Oliver, there was Hart-Parr

This is a Canadian Oliver.  It's pretty much the same tractor as an Oliver, but in Canada they called it a Cockshutt.  

And now, the Oliver tractors!!!!

We loved this next one!  Cliff has no idea what sort of GM motor was in it, but he said "it looked like a V12 or something".  We both wished we could have heard it running.  Cliff said it was probably best he didn't hear it... he says he might have messed his pants.   (I know... ewww...)

The owner of this John Deere had the fanciest, finest seat for his wife we've EVER seen, so I took a few pictures.  Seriously, this is wonderful handiwork.


Margaret said...

It looks fascinating! I didn't realize there was such a variety of tractors. (don't tell Cliff!) All the styles and colors are amazing. :)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Who knew there could be so many different tractors. Looks like Cliff is not the only one who enjoys them! Happy Sunday!


looks like the two of you were in tractor heaven. glad you had a good time.

Barbara In Caneyhead said...

Wow! Pretty impressive array at this show! It's good the two of you can combine your "loves" to make a great outing for both of you.

Andrea said...

Our daughter-in-love's father "collects" tractors... the Allis Chalmers variety. I think he has something like 23 of them or so? His tractors have their own special "house"... a huge & beautiful outbuilding. He just retired not too long ago so I'm expecting more acquisitions in his spare time. :) Loved reading about the tractor show and seeing the lovely pictures.

Blessings~ Andrea xoxo

krueth said...

Wow! Lots of different and unique tractors. That purple one threw me for a loop, ha! My son in law would love to go to a tractor show like this. So happy you are both able to go yet. How is Cliff doing? Been praying for him Wendy