Wednesday, July 19, 2017

More things my mother kept

Doesn't everyone keep old 1952 driver's licenses?  I see by the address that this was the time we moved to Kansas City and didn't stay long at all, perhaps a month or two.

This is a letter from my mom's doctor, probably from the time Daddy's fingers and toes froze; he was the hired man on an Iowa farm, and chores had to be done, no matter how cold.  His frozen toes caused him difficulty the rest of his life.

This is a card that accompanied money the church collected for my parents while my dad was laid up with frozen fingers and toes...

...and on the back of the card are the names of all who contributed to the total $10.00.  Times were hard, and folks were poor.

A pair of sandals I wore when I was probably a year old.

This is a letter from my first schoolteacher, Mrs. Eighmy, written to me after my parents and I had moved back to Missouri.  I had to laugh out loud when I got to the words I have underlined, because that pretty well sums it up for everybody; Cliff and his sister laughed when I read it to them.  

I wonder if that was her diplomatic way of saying I was a brat.

OK folks, there you have more things my mom considered collectable.  There will likely be more coming.

I'm adding this fact I just learned from a few notes written in the baby book Mother kept for me:  At age 2 1/2 I could carry the tune to four songs, and I knew forty nursery rhymes and poems.


Missie Ruth said...

How neat to have all those memories. Get a fireproof safe and keep them in it to hand down the generations.

Paula said...

Interesting memos your Mom kept. I keep my drivers License with my picture on them, not that they are so good. I've been cleaning out my storage shed and found things I didn't remember I had kept. Such as a Tom's peanut jar where they sold for 5 cents a package. A jar like they were kept in for sale in stores. Used one for a cookie jar for years.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

How sweet it is to go through her memories. Very touching to see what she thought worth keeping!


sweet memories, indeed.

krueth said...

When my mom passed away we found several of her old drivers licenses, so some of us kids each got one to keep. How fun to go through these old memories and to share them with us. Thank you. Wendy

Lori said...

I wonder if she might have meant that you were the only one named "Donna." lol