Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The big arch in Nebraska

I've noticed a lot of my pictures look as though I was leaning to one side when I took them.  I used to have some editing option that made an adjustment, but I can't seem to find it.  Therefore, my readers may want to tip their heads slightly to the left to look at my pictures.  

I was really excited about seeing this arch:  It's a museum that stretches right across a freeway.  I've been in a McDonald's that spans a freeway somewhere, but this is even a bigger deal, because the museum is a great one.
Yeah, I don't get out much, but when I do, I am SUCH a tourist.  

And of course, I force Cliff to get in the cheesy tourist act against his will.  This statue portrays the true story of a couple of boys who were trying to escape hostile Indians on their horse when an arrow went through one of each of their legs, fastening them together for a while  Yes, they lived to tell about it.

After you pay to walk through this museum, you are given headphones to listen to.  When you get to a certain area, there's dialog to go along with whatever you're looking at.  If you stand there long enough, it will start over.  If you move on, whether it's done with what it was talking about or not, it switches to the next section.  It's actually pretty nifty.  All this time you are walking through a span over a freeway, but you'd never know it.  

You walk through migration as it occurred in America, starting with the covered wagons and ending in the 1950's.  

This is the first diarama in the museum.  Gee, Cliff fits right in, doesn't he?  Seems like he ought to help that poor lady push instead of just watching.  

I have other pictures, but because of my antique CenturyLink Internet connection, pictures take a long time to load and I get tired of waiting for them.  I really enjoyed doing an entry in the motel in Lincoln:  The speed of loading pictures was amazing!  

At the very end of our journey through time there was a window that allowed us to look at the highway below us.  

We both enjoyed this place.  

After we'd been gone two days, I realized I hadn't made any arrangements for the grandson to feed the two cats in the barn.  This isn't a huge concern, because Mama Kitty fended for herself and a littler of kittens before I accepted her as my own; still, they're used to their morning cat food, so I told Arick to feed them that morning.  Then came another day of no cat food for them.   When we got home, one of the first things I did was to make sure they had a meal.  But Mama Kitty had left me a not-so-subtle message laying near the old pan where I pour their breakfast:
Yes, a dead mouse.  I'm pretty sure I know what Mama Kitty was telling me.

"YOU try eating that and see how you like it.  Don't ever leave me without cat food again!"



Interesting the museum stretches over the hwy. How cool is that. Being a tourist has advantages it's true. And you're right Cliff looks like he's ignoring that poor lady.

Margaret said...

Great photos! It sounds like an interesting visit. Cats are NEVER shy about letting us know what they think!

krueth said...

That museum looks like a great one to tour! Yes, my cats let me know too when they think I am neglecting them!