Thursday, June 04, 2015

Who knows why?

There's a quote from the movie "A Christmas Story" that I often think of when Cora is here.  Grown-up Ralphie is talking about his little brother, Randy, and says, "Every family has a kid who won't eat.  My kid brother had not eaten voluntarily in over three years."

The toddler I babysit grows like crazy, so she obviously gets some nourishment somewhere, but the amount of food she eats at my house wouldn't sustain a sparrow;  Nevertheless, at mealtime I dutifully give her a tiny portion of whatever we are having and hope for the best, taking satisfaction in the fact that she at least drinks the milk I pasteurize for her.

I keep a plastic toddler plate here for her that's divided into three sections.  The other day we had potato patties, green beans, meat loaf, and applesauce.  I put a couple of bites of each in her plate.  She actually ate about two bites of potato patty and one taste of applesauce.  Then she proceeded to spoon applesauce from one section of her plate to another.  After moving a couple teaspoonfuls of applesauce to a new section, she got a bite of potato on her fork and dipped it into her applesauce:  "Dip!" she said victoriously, and proceeded, again and again, to dip pieces of potato patty into the applesauce, never once taking a bite, but smiling and saying "Dip!" with each bite.  She  was very happy and proud to be dipping!  

Things like this always make me curious about how her little mind is working.  Did she learn to dip some sort of food at Grandma's house in Iowa?  Have her parents been having chips and dip occasionally?  But why would she decide that potato patties need to be dipped in applesauce?  And why wouldn't she at least taste it after dipping?

Kids.  Who knows why they do what they do?


Barbara In Caneyhead said...

Funny! Who knows. Every child I've ever been around has periods of waning appetite for days or even weeks, then will eat ravenously for a period, then eat expected amounts for awhile. I don't know why they cycle like that. But every time I ever inquired of a doctor about it they tell me it's normal.

Margaret said...

She is German! They dip their potato patties in applesauce. I know it's best not to worry about what kids eat(or don't) but it's difficult not to stress about them getting enough to grow!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Toddlers do seem to go through some stages where they don't like to eat. Knowing that mine are picky I keep 3 things to have when they come 1. Mac and cheese. 2 green beans and 3. diced peaches. I know for certain they eat those with out any fuss and even though it is repetitive, I like the idea they are eating. It would be nice to know what goes on in their little minds.


Cora is one smart child. When we have potato pancakes here we put applesauce on them. So Cora somehow knew that is a wonderful combination. Love that she dipped them. What fun.